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Book Rating (149)

Narrator Rating (48)

Written In My Own Heart's Blood

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Diana Gabaldon

Narrated By: Davina Porter

Publisher: Recorded Books

Date: June 2014

Duration: 45 hours 7 minutes


Hurtled back through time more than two hundred years to 1743 Scotland, Claire Randall finds herself caught in the midst of an unfamiliar world torn apart by violence, pestilence, and revolution and haunted by her growing feelings for a young soldier, James Fraser.


  • Michelle M

    Love this series, a little heavy on the extra details but still a great read. Can’t wait for the next one.

  • Lisa F

    Once again Davina does a glorious job narrativing, but I think even she is feeling long winded at this point. I just wish DG had enough faith in the reader memory to not rehash everything that's happened throughout the books every single time she changes from one character to the next. Why hasn't her editor reined her in on this? If she stopped this tedious practice of constantly retelling every characters back story (even if it was just told a few chapters prior!) she could easily shave 500 pages from each book and 25 hours off each audiobook! I'll be honest, I keep going because I want to know how Jamie is, but the near constant calamity that befalls him and Claire is laughable at times. So is the strange ability that has people randomly cross paths all the time. With the frequency that the main characters "just happen" to find themselves bumping into prominent historical figures or evil doers is dizzying. Not to mention, how the main character always escapes death and disease. It would be nice to actually see how Jamie and Claire handle normal boring day to day business of marriage for any amount of time that would find regular mortals dealing more with relationship issues than constant threat of the Red Coats. I'm also constantly annoyed, this many books later that even if Brea is a grown woman she (just like her mother) still doesn't get that even if she hates it, assuming a more demure role in public would save Roger (and Jamie) A LOT of troubles. These women seem much more like women in this day an age than of their mid century time. All of these things make me run my hands over my face and down the bridge of my nose while making a low Scottish noise in the back of my throat. And stop with the disgusting details of sores and creatures people of the 1700s have growing or crawling out of them. It never fails that I reach for a snack while reading or listening and then DG decides she's going to give a lesson on the anatomy of some ailment of some non-character just to flex her medical muscles for several pages. Claire is a genius, we get it.

  • Sharon Pease

    Absolutely the best! I have enjoyed this series so much. More lease!!

  • Shari Petersen

    Davina Porter is the most fabulous narrator on the planet. I'm spoiled now after listening to her. I absolutely love the Outlander series. I'm sad that I've read that last book.

  • Aquilla Davis

    No word just love the whole series can't wait til the 9th book comes out and to see the 3rd season come to life but if you don't like any of these books you crazy!

  • Rebdcca Moore

    I was sad when this book series was finished. I loved all the characters and their adventures.

  • Sussan Carlson

    Great book. I just love this series and the story it told. Davina Porter was fabulous and brings all the characters to life. I can't wait for the next book.

  • Chris Johnson

    I could listen to Davina Porter read the phone book. I still love the series, but the author has a few too many story lines going on for my liking. This being said, I can not wait for book 9.

  • Carol Haas

    I love this series. Anxiously looking forward to book 9. Now listening to the John Grey series.

  • Ryan-Ann King

    Amazing. Love this series. Hard to listen to anyone else after Davina Porter and the love she gives each character.