Wrong'un: Clement Book 2

Written by:
Keith A. Pearson
Narrated by:
Alexander Doddy

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2019
10 hours 31 minutes
Sir Charles Huxley kept a dark secret — a secret the former government minister should have taken to the grave.

His son, William, lives an uneventful life in his late father's shadow. He never planned on becoming a middle-aged bachelor, and he definitely didn't plan a career as a low-level politician, but that is now William's lot … until it's not.

One evening, William has a chance encounter which sets off an escalating series of sinister events, culminating in a damning revelation about his father's past. That revelation drags William into the darkest of blackmail plots.

With his blackmailer having cunningly closed every exit, William is trapped, and faces personal and financial ruin. That is until an odd job man working at his local bar steps forward and offers help.

With no alternative, William is forced to join his peculiar saviour on a desperate mission to stop his blackmailer, and unearth the shattering truth about the wrong'un.
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