X Minus One, Collection 1

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2018
5 hours 0 minutes
X Minus One was a half-hour science fiction radio series broadcast from April 24, 1955 until January 9, 1958 over NBC. Initially a revival of NBC's Dimension X (1950-51), X Minus One is widely considered among the finest science fiction dramas ever produced for radio. The first 15 episodes were new versions of Dimension X episodes, but the remainders were adaptations by NBC staff writers, including Ernest Kinoy and George Lefferts, of newly published science fiction stories by leading writers in the field. This collection includes stories by Isaac Asimov, William Tenn, Robert Heinlein, H.L. Gold, Robert Sheckley and Steven Tall. New York’s finest radio actors are heard in the supporting casts, including Bob Hastings, Jan Miner, Luis Van Rooten, Teri Kean and Les Damon. 4/24/55 No Contact
10/20/55 Child’s Play
1/4/56 The Roads Must Roll
7/17/56 The Old Die Rich
12/12/56 Hostess
12/19/56 The Reluctant Heroes
4/10/57 Something For Nothing
6/20/57 Inside Story
6/27/57 The Category Inventor
3/13/57 The Lights on Precipice Peak
10/24/57 The Light
11/21/57 The Coffin Cure
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