You're On the Verge of Something Big: Finding the Joy and Authenticity Already Inside You

You're On the Verge of Something Big: Finding the Joy and Authenticity Already Inside You

Written by:
Roshni Daya
Narrated by:
Roshni Daya
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2024
3 hours 35 minutes
In her dynamic and important new book, You’re On the Verge of Something Big, Vancouver-based spiritual teacher Roshni Daya encourages you to let go of the guilt, worry, and inner turmoil that have consumed you for decades and bring about the real change you crave and deserve. With astonishing insight, she describes how an ancient predatory foe has taken up metaphorical residence in each of us, where it directs us to make false assumptions and distracts us from our own authentic joy, sorrow, sadness, fear, pain, and love. “Your challenge,” she writes, “is to engage in your own process of growth, to awaken presence and bring that presence inside, allowing the qualities of compassion, love, joy, gratitude, and peace already within you to guide your next action.”

Both a Ph.D. academician and a profoundly connective and compassionate teacher, Daya describes how you and I can reclaim our lives if we learn how to take action from a place of love, peace, joy, and gratitude—allowing everything we do to have a positive impact in our own worlds and in the world at large. In the midst of the chaos that surrounds us—and which too often inhabits our inner lives as well—comes a book whose message is sane, simple, celebratory, and, perhaps most important, entirely possible. You’re on the verge of something big, and this book will help ensure that you achieve it.

'This jewel of a book helps readers cultivate the potent force behind and within the transformation process: genuine Self-Love.” — Suzanne Eder, author of What You Want Wants You
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