You Are The More In Your Life

Written by:
Paula Tresintsis
Narrated by:
Paula Tresintsis

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2020
2 hours 23 minutes
Are you sick of doing everything, for everyone else? If you are, then you NEED this book! Join #1 Amazon best-selling author Paula T as she takes you on a journey from stuck, tired, and exhausted to a happy, fulfilled and powerful superwoman. So many women these days are feeling stressed, because they are overworked, under-appreciated and feeling like their life is out of control.We need to stop beating ourselves up and being so hard on ourselves. What we need instead, is a new approach, a new paradigm, a new belief system. Paula T’s message YOU Are the More in Your Life will guide us to lead an empowered life. If you have ever wanted to live your dreams, then this is your chance to move forward with confidence and volition. Let’s stop the whirlwind chaos of life and step forward with appreciation and gratitude together. Let’s bring the fun and playfulness back into your life. Let’s all be the MORE in OUR life!
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