You Have It In You: Empowered To Do The Impossible

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Sheryl Brady

Narrated By: Sheryl Brady

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Date: October 2012

Duration: 6 hours 1 minutes


With this empowering, transformative guide, you'll find the strength to overcome your greatest challenges by exploring the lives of the Bible's most remarkable characters.

In the midst of the most perilous and challenging situations, we often forget the astounding resilience inside each of us just waiting to be discovered. And like the most talented, faithful, and amazing people in the Bible, you too can tap into your unclaimed abilities and surpass seemingly impossible odds.

Pastor Sheryl Brady believes that God wants us to peel away the layers we try to hide behind, dissolve the excuses we use as camouflage, and reveal the beauty of our true selves. By sharing her own journey as well that of several Biblical heroes, Brady challenges us to reconsider the way we see ourselves and continue on the path toward self-discovery and enriching your faith.

Brady asks: Do you know what you're made of? You Have It in You! will shed new light on the strengths lying dormant inside you and transform the way you live your life through a greater awareness of all you've accomplished and endured.