You Herd Me!: I'll Say It If Nobody Else Will

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Colin Cowherd

Narrated By: Colin Cowherd

Publisher: Random House (Audio)

Date: November 2013

Duration: 7 hours 40 minutes


There are really two games, the one you see and the one you don't. The way I see it, the best way to use access to both worlds is to illuminate and reveal, not idolize and adore. It's better to be wrong than to be played for a fool. - Colin Cowherd

In this age of billion dollar athletic marketing campaigns, "feel good" philosophy with no connection to reality, and a Sports Media echo chamber thats all too eager swallow whatever idiotic notion happens to be in vogue at the moment, its tough to find people who arent afraid to say what theyre really thinking.

But thats where Colin Cowherd comes in. As his millions of fans on ESPN Radio and ESPNU already know, Colin is the rare sports analyst whos brave (or crazy) enough to speak his mind - even if it pisses some people off. Of course, it helps that a lot of what Colin has to say is simply hilarious. Lots of writers can tell you about Bostons storied sports history. But how many can tell you why the city of Boston is Americas five year old? Lots of writers will brag about the stuff they got right, but how many will happily list all the calls they got completely and utterly wrong? Whether hes pointing out the stupidity of conspiracy theories, explaining why media bias isnt nearly as big a deal as many assume, or calling out those who prize short term wins over sustainability, Colin is smart, thought-provoking, and laugh-out-loud funny. Some of the questions hes not afraid to ask in You Herd Me! include:

Is Tiger Woods really a sex addict - or does he just have good PR?
Is "work-life balance" really the ideal we should all strive for - or is that just a way for people feel better about mediocrity?
Is talent really all its cracked up to be - or can too much talent actually be counterproductive?
Is the X games really a sport - or would we all be better off if we admitted its something else entirely?
Is Hell really a supernatural place of fire and brimstone - or is it actually just another word for living in Tampa?

Unapologetically entertaining and packed with behind-the-scenes insights you wont get anywhere else, You Herd Me! is unlike any other sports book ever written.