You: On a Diet: The Owner's Manual for Waist Management

Abridged Audiobook

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Date: October 2006

Duration: 4 hours 35 minutes



For the first time in our history, scientists are uncovering astounding medical evidence about dieting. Now Michael Roizen and Mehmet Oz translate this cutting-edge information to help you shave inches off your waist, by giving you the best weapon against fat: Knowledge. Through their signature entertaining style, Drs Roizen and Oz teach you about your body -- how and why it stores calories, burns fat, and reacts to the foods you test your body with. Ultimately, they give you the Plan and formulas that will help you lose up to two inches from your waist in two weeks on your way to your ideal size.

By following the YOU diet and YOU activity plan, you will...

Challenge your beliefs about diets
Learn to rule the elegant systems controlling your body fat
Never feel hungry
Never yo-yo again
Feel better, look better, and live healthier

Equal parts information, motivation, and change-your-life action, YOU: On a Diet will revolutionize the way you think about yourself and the food you consume, so that you'll diet smart, not hard. Welcome to your body on a diet.

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  • Anonymous

    The title should not include the word "diet" - rather this is a wake up call to STOP dumping poison down your throat. I nicknamed the book "The Filthy Five" referring to Saturated Fat, Trans Fat, Enriched ANYTHING, HFCS, and SUGAR. The audio kept referring to PDF which didn't come with it and I can't find a PDF. I've lost 17 pounds so far. Now I read labels and cringe when I see people regularly living on unhealthy foods and beverages. :)

  • Anonymous

    Enough with the analogies! Annoying yet useful. Get the same information from reading Self Magazine or Prevention without the annoying constant analogies.

  • Ellie Gordillo

    This was packed with interesting information. They make it easy to understand how your body works. The book has good illustrations of it. After hearing this, you won't want to eat any "bad" food.

  • Sandra Oliver

    They alternate reading the book. One of the readers does not pronounce his words clearly. I found his voice very irritating. I was not impressed with the content and, quite frankly, did not believe all they had to say. Their other book (You the Owners Manual) was much better.

  • Judie

    I enjoyed listening and got a lot of useful information, but I suggest buying the book for the complete diet and exercise illustrations.

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by Michael F. Roizen, Mehmet Oz

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You: On a Diet: The Owner's Manual for Waist Management, Michael F. Roizen, Mehmet Oz