You: On A Walk

Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Date: May 2007

Duration: 2 hours 27 minutes


In this original audio program that will be a must-listen to the millions of You: On a Diet fans, Doctors Roizen & Oz bring their trademark style to the task of motivating and managing listeners as they adopt the 30-minute daily walk regimen at the heart of the YOU fitness philosophy.

In You: On a Diet, Roizen & Oz repeatedly emphasize the need for a 30-minute daily walk in any weight-loss effort. in YOU: ON A WALK, they provide listeners the music and motivation they need to take that 30-minute walk, and make it worth their fitness while.

YOU: ON A WALK presents two complete, 30-minute walks, each at its own fitness level (one fitness level per disc), and each set to music that is timed and paced accordingly. Accompanying the music is the authors' occasional commentary -- inspiring, informative and entertaining -- designed to let listeners know more about walking and to keep them going for the entire 30 minutes. By summarizing key facts and elements from the book, the authors' commentary will serve as a refresher course in the You: On a Diet philosophy.

Each walk is precded by guided warm-up stretches, and gradually rises and falls in pace, concluding with a cool-down period. Listeners will also have the option of hearing only the music for each walk, to keep them using the CD even after they think they've heard the doctors' verbal contributions enough times.

Designed to appeal specifically to the millions of people who have already embraced the principles of You: On a Diet, YOU: ON A WALK is the perfect and natural audio companion to the weight-loss phenomenon that is changing the way America eats -- and walks.