YOU: Raising Your Child

Abridged Audiobook

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Date: October 2010

Duration: 6 hours 23 minutes


Raising children is one of the most exciting but terrifying journeys one can take, especially when it comes to figuring out how to provide a healthy, happy, and stable environment. From the New York Times #1 bestselling Dr. Mike Roizen and Dr. Mehmet Oz comes the perfect book to help parents navigate this next phase of life.

YOU: Raising Your Child is the ultimate parent's guide to children ages 2-12, covering broad topics for all ages and also including age-specific themes within the chapters. The YOU docs will cover everything from toilet training to the first day of school to talking to middle schoolers about sex.

A sampling of topics include:

1. The Mind of a Child

Biology: Brain development, how they develop personality

This chapter is the foundation for what is discussed throughout the book. It explores personality quirks and how they are formed, and will talk about things that parents can do from day one to day one thousand (and beyond) to help their children develop. Tips will be about how to recognize their differences but still instill good habits. After all, good parenting is really about being a good psychologist-knowing your child's brain, and helping them develop who they are.

2. Nutrition

Biology: How food helps all systems develop

Of course, a big part of parenting is making sure that kids learn how to keep themselves healthy and fit for a lifetime. This chapter emphasizes good nutrition and eating habits for all ages. it will address biologic differences like number of taste buds and requirement for dozen exposures to taste to achieve change.

3. Physical Activity

Biology: Bones, muscles

With the help of Joel Harper, fitness expert who appears on all of the YOU DVDs, this chapter will be filled with information and advice on how to make sure you kids are growing in all the right places.

4. Good Habits, Bad Habits

Biology: Insula, how we form habits, how we break habits.

This chapter deals with the inevitable difficulties that come from raising children--stubbornness, temper tantrum, anger, etc.

5. Taking Care of YOU

Biology: Mirror neurons, how what you DO is greatest influence

This chapter takes a step back to show how being a good parent also means taking care of yourself and your dreams in order to show your kids how to love. Tips on how parenting isn't always being selfless.

6. Most Common Kid Ailments

Biology: Individual biology depending on problem

This chapter will highlight 5 or 6 of the biggest ailments parents face today and show parents different ways to cope. It will also address some of the scarier sides of parenting, including diseases and emergencies, and teach parents how to keep a calm head when things get bad.

With these topics and many more, America's most trusted doctors once again come to the rescue and teach parents the best ways to raise healthy, happy, children.