Your Heart Is a Muscle the Size of a Fist

Written by:
Sunil Yapa
Narrated by:
Aaron Landon

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2016
8 hours 30 minutes
This electrifying novel from an award-winning author follows a grieving father and son as they find themselves on opposite sides of a protest during an important moment in history.

Grief-stricken after his mother's death and three years of wandering the world, Victor is longing for a family and a sense of purpose. He believes he's found both when he returns home to Seattle only to be swept up in a massive protest. With young, biracial Victor on one side of the barricades and his estranged father—the white chief of police—on the opposite, the day descends into chaos, capturing in its confusion the activists, police, bystanders, and citizens from all around the world who'd arrived that day brimming with hope. By the day's end, they have all committed acts they never thought possible.

As heartbreaking as it is pulse-pounding, Yapa's virtuosic debut asks profound questions about the power of empathy in our hyper-connected modern world, and the limits of compassion, all while exploring how far we must go for family, for justice, and for love.
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Carla Bradish

Subject of book was interesting, as were the characters. I understood the timeless qualities of the conflict and its relevance to current events. It was difficult to hear the raw, physical brutality, however I understood the author's intent to help the reader (listener) imagine the tragedy of it all.

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