Zero Gravity: Riding Venture Capital from High-Tech Start-Up to Breakout IPO

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Steve Harmon

Narrated By: Adams Morgan

Publisher: Blackstone Audiobooks

Date: October 2009

Duration: 10 hours 46 minutes


How do fledgling companies make it from idea to multimillion-dollar Internet IPOs? Steve Harmon, whom CBS MarketWatch calls one of Wall Street's top Internet stock analysts, shows how an innovator can convert sparks of imagination into a moneymaking Internet business.

Harmon describes the Internet environment as "zero gravity," a place where information, communication, and wealth flow up, down, and sideways as in an astronaut's weightless environment. The result is nanosecond commerce—easy, inexpensive, customized—with a market not bound by locale or time.

In this book, Harmon introduces you to leading entrepreneurs and venture capitalists who describe how they built companies in cyberspace. From finding funding to structuring your financing, he provides myriad valuable resources to help you along the way.