Zhitiia Sviatykh, v. 04 - December

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Saint Dimitry Of Rostov

Narrated By: Euthymius

Publisher: LibriVox

Date: January 2016

Duration: 24 hours 44 minutes


[St. Symeon Metaphrastes on the Lives of the Saints, 10th century A. D. ENGLISH TRANSLATION: The lives and the eulogies of the Saints resemble, by their luminosity, the stars: for as the stars, firmly studded in the firmament as they are, illume the entire universe, and the same stars are beheld by the Indians, and are not hid from the Scythians, and shed their radiance over the earth and the seas, and show the way to the ships: and even if we know not their names for their multitude’s sake, we as yet admire their brilliant loveliness. So, too, doeth the brilliance of the Saints, even when their relics are shut under a tombstone, yet their miracles in the entire universe are not bound by earthly confines: we admire their lives and wonder at the glory wherewith God glorifieth those who have pleased Him.

This succinct description is found as introduction to each of the 12 volumes of the Church Slavonic Lives.]


Zhitiia Sviatykh, v. 04 - December

by Saint Dimitry Of Rostov

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Zhitiia Sviatykh, v. 04 - December, Saint Dimitry Of Rostov