Neil Kleid

Xeric-Award winning graphic novelist Neil Kleid authored Ninety Candles, a graphic novella about life, death, legacy and comics, as well as the graphic novels Brownsville and The Big Kahn. He has written for nearly every comic book publisher in the industry, adapted Jack London's Call of the Wild into sequentials for Penguin Books, did the opposite for Marvel Comics' seminal Spider-Man storyline "Kraven's Last Hunt", and is collaborating on the digital creator-owned series Kings and Canvas, with artists Jake Allen and Frank Reynoso for Monkeybrain Comics. By day, Neil is the Art Director for the Topps Company's digital suite of trading card apps. He lives in New Jersey with his wife and four kids, where he roots for the Tigers, grills like a king, writes like a champ.

Powers: The Secret History of Deena Pilgrim
By Neil Kleid
Duration: 11 h 35 min Price: $26.99 Or 1 credit