Camilla Sten

CAMILLA STEN has been writing stories since she was a young girl and is famously one of the most important sounding boards for her crime-writing mother, Viveca Sten. In 2019, she stepped out of her mother's shadow and published the now internationally acclaimed, hair-raising novel 'The Lost Village.' Rights for 'The Lost Village' have been sold to seventeen territories around the world including film and TV. The book was one of seven shortlisted for the best translated crime award on and was on the Polish Goodreads shortlist for The 2019 Best Book Award in the horror category. An ever prolific author, Camilla is already working on her next psychologically intense suspense novel, all while travelling the world and putting the finishing touches on the first part of her dark and atmospheric YA series.

The Resting Place
By Camilla Sten
Duration: 8 h 52 min Price: $19.99 Or 1 credit
Das Haus der stummen Toten (ungekürzt): Thriller
By Camilla Sten
Duration: 10 h 34 min Price: $15.99 Or 1 credit
Das Dorf der toten Seelen (ungekürzt)
By Camilla Sten
Duration: 10 h 15 min Price: $14.99 Or 1 credit