Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman

Written by:
Lindy West
Narrated by:
Lindy West

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2016
6 hours 0 minutes
Shrill is an uproarious memoir, a feminist rallying cry in a world that thinks gender politics are tedious and that women, especially feminists, can't be funny.

Coming of age in a culture that demands women be as small, quiet, and compliant as possible -- like a porcelain dove that will also have sex with you -- writer and humoristLindy West quickly discovered that she was anything but.

From a painfully shy childhood in which she tried, unsuccessfully, to hide her big body and even bigger opinions; to her public war with stand-up comedians over rape jokes; to her struggle to convince herself, and then the world, that fat people have value; to her accidental activism and never-ending battle royale with Internet trolls, Lindy narrates her life with a blend of humor and pathos that manages to make a trip to the abortion clinic funny and wring tears out of a story about diarrhea.

With inimitable good humor, vulnerability, and boundless charm, Lindy boldly shares how to survive in a world where not all stories are created equal and not all bodies are treated with equal respect, and how to weather hatred, loneliness, harassment, and loss, and walk away laughing. Shrill provocatively dissects what it means to become self-aware the hard way, to go from wanting to be silent and invisible to earning a living defending the silenced in all caps.
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Melanie S

I love this book so much. Lindy is the voice of compassion and self love. Social justice applied to oneself. Funny, honest, and unabashedly dorky. I can't stop recommending it to anyone and everyone. This book is important. A must read for girls, women and the men who love them.

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Angie M

Lindy's memoir had me laughing so hard, then crying, and sometimes gasping at the outright shocking things she's dealt with. I'm sure my face entertained surrounding drivers. I'm so glad she read the book. It was poignant and powerful and relatable. Definitely a game changer for me.

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Katie Robinson

I really liked hearing the author narrate this book. The first chapter made me burst out laughing immediately and although the book didn't maintain that level of humour throughout the entire book, it remained interesting and honest. I teared up a couple of times when things hit close to home. A great listen!

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Cassandra Philo

Hillarious, painful and enlightening. I want everybody to read this book, or better yet listen to it because Lindy West delivers her book with the cadence of a stand-up comedian. This book changed the way I see things.

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Kathryn Hack

I loved this book. Lindy West lays it all out there and she is brave and smart and wise and I loved loved loved this book. That being said, she does share some experiences that hurt to hear. As she becomes more bold in calling out rape culture, sexism and other real issues in our society that need to be addressed, she gets an onslaught of vile trolls. She shared some of the threats and ugliness she was forced to deal with and they are hard to hear. This doesn't mean we shouldn't expose ourselves to the painful truth, just know it may be better not to listen around your kids or if you are having a shitty day. I felt bold and empowered and strong after listening to Lindy read her words aloud to me. I hope you will too.

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Skyler Mccurine

This book is vital, it is ointment, grace all why beautiful and honestly revealing the ramifications of gender bias and what happens when the world pretends it doesn't exist. This book gave me permission to use my voice, especially when others strategically keep you from using it. The book is necessary.

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