Cemetery Road: A Novel

Written by:
Greg Iles
Narrated by:
Scott Brick

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2019
23 hours 46 minutes
The #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Natchez Burning trilogy returns with an electrifying tale of friendship, betrayal, and shattering secrets that threaten to destroy a small Mississippi town.

When Marshall McEwan left his hometown at age eighteen, he vowed never to return. The trauma that drove him away ultimately spurred him to become one of the most successful journalists in Washington D.C. But just as the political chaos in the nation’s capital lifts him to new heights, Marshall is forced to return home in spite of his boyhood vow.

His father is dying, his mother is struggling to keep the family newspaper from failing, and the town is in the midst of an economic rebirth that might be built upon crimes that reach into the state capitol—and perhaps even to Washington. More disturbing still, Marshall’s high school sweetheart, Jet, has married into the family of Max Matheson, patriarch of one of the families that rule Bienville through a shadow organization called the Bienville Poker Club.

When archeologist Buck McKibben is murdered at a construction site, Bienville is thrown into chaos. The ensuing homicide investigation is soon derailed by a second crime that rocks the community to its core. Power broker Max Matheson’s wife has been shot dead in her own bed, and the only other person in it at the time was her husband, Max. Stranger still, Max demands that his daughter-on-law, Jet, defend him in court.

As a journalist, Marshall knows all too well how the corrosive power of money and politics can sabotage investigations. Without telling a soul, he joins forces with Jet, who has lived for fifteen years at the heart of Max Matheson’s family, and begins digging into both murders. With Jet walking the dangerous road of an inside informer, they soon uncover a web of criminal schemes that undergird the town’s recent success. But these crimes pale in comparison to the secret at the heart of the Matheson family. When those who have remained silent for years dare to speak to Marshall, pressure begins to build like water against a crumbling dam.

Marshall loses friends, family members, and finally even Jet, for no one in Bienville seems willing to endure the reckoning that the Poker Club has long deserved. And by the time Marshall grasps the long-buried truth, he would give almost anything not to have to face it.
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Beth L.

If you enjoy bashing of Trump, Christianity, any woman over 40, this might be your book. The gay sub-plot was checking the box of societal concerns. Call me crazy but I want a book to entertain not preach that everything traditional is hog-wash - even and perhaps especially when I agree with the position. Never another Iles book for me - just too much preaching

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Doreen B.

I was disappointed. I usually like Greg Isles novels. This one seemed far fetched and I am done with the political opinions of writers and celebs. The plot definitely circled around an affair, and I thought the two people involved were selfish and ignorant. I found I didn’t care about any of the characters, or what came of them.

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Lesa G.

It was a good story but I didn’t appreciate the political left leaning connotations that were sprinkled in throw out the story.

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April V.

Good honest to goodness novel

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it was a good book very well read too

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Diane M W.

Not good. Don’t enjoy Scott Bricks overly dramatic narrative. Characters keep changing their personalities.

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Kelly I.

Horrible horrible and more horrible. Couldn't make it more than 3 hrs. into book. Don't waste a credit on this book.

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James B.

Loved it

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I listen to this book on my morning walks. It is so good I want to keep walking just to hear the next chapter. This is the first book from this author that I have read/listened to. I will definitely buy more. The narrator does a great job.

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Glenice N.

Excellent narration. Enjoyed the story Kept my interest and kept me guessing.

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I love all of Greg Ilse books. He makes the South more interesting than it really is. Penn Cage character has gotten better over time. I also love Scott Brick's voice, I can literally listen to him for hours.

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Loved the book, but a little lengthy!

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Cleveland M.

Who cares about this story line. Author gets distracted with a local affair

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Patricia V.

I really like this book. It was fast paced and suspenseful I had trouble the Scott Bricks reading I find him, st times, much too dramatic , to the point where I want to hand with a box of tissues

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Jacqueline E.

Wonderful journey the writer takes you on. He writes like a modern day Enerst Hemingway.

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Margie H.

24hr of absolute intrigue. The story line was phenomenal and characters were so well developed. I felt like I was a part of the story and Iknew each character. It drew me in and I did not want it to end. Brilliantly told.

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