Date: September 2019

Duration: 13 hours 19 minutes



Margaret Atwood's dystopian masterpiece, The Handmaid's Tale, has become a modern classic—and now she brings the iconic story to a dramatic conclusion in this riveting sequel.

More than fifteen years after the events of The Handmaid's Tale, the theocratic regime of the Republic of Gilead maintains its grip on power, but there are signs it is beginning to rot from within. At this crucial moment, the lives of three radically different women converge, with potentially explosive results.
Two have grown up as part of the first generation to come of age in the new order. The testimonies of these two young women are joined by a third voice: a woman who wields power through the ruthless accumulation and deployment of secrets.
As Atwood unfolds The Testaments, she opens up the innermost workings of Gilead as each woman is forced to come to terms with who she is, and how far she will go for what she believes.

'The literary event of the year.' —The Guardian
'The international literary event of the season.' —Globe and Mail
'It's terrifying and exhilarating.' —Judges of the Booker Prize 2019


  • Kotone F.

    Brilliant... couldnt stop listening and now I cant wait to see it on TV!

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  • Cindy V.

    a great read

  • Isabella A.

    i was so excited when i saw the persons narrating but it was painful to listen to and i just bought the book in paperback and read it. Margaret Atwood never fails to impress. the narrators didn't do her literary work justice, IMO.

  • Cathy C.

    Wonderfully written. I could not stop listening. I respected the power of women shown in this book as written from the female perspective. The narrators were pleasing to listen to.

  • Christine P.

    Thrilled that this sequel was written!! It’s nice to know what happened after June fled down the stairs at the end of The Handmaid’s Tale. I’ve watched all seasons of the TV series and cross my fingers that they adopt this book’s concept into their story line as it is definitely turning into a snore fest!

  • Sunna M.

    So of course it's a great book, Atwood is a tremendous writer. A lthough, this particular book seems to try to absolve Aunt Lydia, which I think denies her character the rich complexities that make her so interesting.

  • Candice S.

    Great follow up to Handmaid’s Tale! Cadence was good, narration and tone brought me into the story. Margaret Atwood hit this one out of the park, and left enough unanswered allow for another sequel!

  • Meagan K.

    Meh. It’s ok. It’s no bandmaids tale or alias grace.

  • Elizabeth R.

    I listened to it twice, back to back, because you miss things. There are a lot of details that tie the story together. Loved it, as I'd loved it's predecessor.

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Testaments: A Novel, Margaret Atwood
Testaments: A Novel, Margaret Atwood
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Testaments: A Novel, Margaret Atwood
This title is due for release on September 10, 2019
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Testaments: A Novel, Margaret Atwood
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Testaments: A Novel, Margaret Atwood

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