Written By: Glennon Doyle

Narrated By: Glennon Doyle

Date: March 2020

Duration: 8 hours 22 minutes


#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • Over two million copies sold! “Packed with incredible insight about what it means to be a woman today.”—Reese Witherspoon (Reese’s Book Club Pick)

In her most revealing and powerful memoir yet, the activist, speaker, bestselling author, and “patron saint of female empowerment” (People) explores the joy and peace we discover when we stop striving to meet others’ expectations and start trusting the voice deep within us.

NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY O: The Oprah Magazine • The Washington Post • Cosmopolitan • Marie Claire • Bloomberg • Parade • “Untamed will liberate women—emotionally, spiritually, and physically. It is phenomenal.”—Elizabeth Gilbert, author of City of Girls and Eat Pray Love

This is how you find yourself.

There is a voice of longing inside each woman. We strive so mightily to be good: good partners, daughters, mothers, employees, and friends. We hope all this striving will make us feel alive. Instead, it leaves us feeling weary, stuck, overwhelmed, and underwhelmed. We look at our lives and wonder: Wasn’t it all supposed to be more beautiful than this? We quickly silence that question, telling ourselves to be grateful, hiding our discontent—even from ourselves.

For many years, Glennon Doyle denied her own discontent. Then, while speaking at a conference, she looked at a woman across the room and fell instantly in love. Three words flooded her mind: There She Is. At first, Glennon assumed these words came to her from on high. But she soon realized they had come to her from within. This was her own voice—the one she had buried beneath decades of numbing addictions, cultural conditioning, and institutional allegiances. This was the voice of the girl she had been before the world told her who to be. Glennon decided to quit abandoning herself and to instead abandon the world’s expectations of her. She quit being good so she could be free. She quit pleasing and started living.

Soulful and uproarious, forceful and tender, Untamed is both an intimate memoir and a galvanizing wake-up call. It is the story of how one woman learned that a responsible mother is not one who slowly dies for her children, but one who shows them how to fully live. It is the story of navigating divorce, forming a new blended family, and discovering that the brokenness or wholeness of a family depends not on its structure but on each member’s ability to bring her full self to the table. And it is the story of how each of us can begin to trust ourselves enough to set boundaries, make peace with our bodies, honor our anger and heartbreak, and unleash our truest, wildest instincts so that we become women who can finally look at ourselves and say: There She Is.

Untamed shows us how to be brave. As Glennon insists: The braver we are, the luckier we get.


  • LCaldwell

    Eye opening and fantastic! I recommend this for every woman.

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  • Anonymous

    This book is amazing

    2 of 2 people found this review helpful.

  • Silvia M.

    One of my favourite books of all time. Glennon will give it to you straight!

    2 of 2 people found this review helpful.

  • Anonymous

    Listening to this took me back and brought a lot of insight to where and how I am today. Thank you so much. Great book

    2 of 2 people found this review helpful.

  • Alyssa P.

    Reminded me ALOT of Girl, Wash Your Face. A little too..... cutesy for my taste but a “light” read nonetheless. I always enjoy when a book is narrated by its author.

    2 of 2 people found this review helpful.

  • Jeannie F.

    Witty. Honest. On point. AMAZING!!!

    1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

  • Anonymous

    I’m really enjoying having the ability to listen to this book while I walk. The author is a fantastic reader, pacing the story perfectly.

    1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

  • Anonymous

    The message/s behind this book are great. I was not a fan of her attitude towards some things and her cynicism at times. I felt a lot of topics were repetitive and am sad to report I had a hard time finishing this book. I can see how it could be encouraging and empowering, I just didn’t like the tone it was delivered through. Or the almost elitist way she told some of her stories.

    1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

  • Grace H.

    Poorly written, amateur language in text, does not hold the readers attention. Unfortunately a ver bad choice

  • Anonymous

    not what I expected, but oh well

  • Shar Banning

    This book was recommended by my therapist and ut helped me so much!

  • Elizabeth D.

    Untamed has become my spiritual anthem. Glennon Doyle and I have had such similar journeys. I loved this book!

  • Alexia B.

    Love Glennon. Love this.

  • Anonymous

    I love her way of thinking and am so glad she was brave enough to shared her real thoughts

  • Tiffany W.

    It was a good book, a little long and redundant

  • Zeina A.

    This book is overrated , there are so many contradictions in it,l. I loved it at first, and felt that it related to me , but half way in, it lost momentum, it got boring and I couldn’t relate to her anymore, and there are so many parts that were exaggerated and annoying, like the part where she gets soo empathetic when seeing a movie and her wife had to comfort her ( oh please, what’s she trying to prove ), or when someone knocks on their door and the whole family start to look at each other as if it’s something absurd to have someone knocking on your door ( what kind a lesson is she teaching her kids with that ) and like when she says she can’t be a good friend to anyone because she doesn’t do friendships yet starts every chapter with my good friend x gave me this advice .. I can go on and on .. and to top it all off the way the narrator reads is soo annoying . I really wanted to love this book, it was recommended by so many, but I couldn’t connect to it sadly.

  • Rachel W.

    Certainly, this book offers relevant insights and includes engaging and entertaining stories. I actually have the physical book and highlighted some of Glennon’s reflections to which I connected. As a young adult, themes of discovering identity, feeling empowered, or recognizing the cage-like nature of societal “norms” are timely and impactful. I appreciate that Glennon shared these parts of her story. That said, I don’t think that the ideas that live within this book are particularly revolutionary. Glennon’s language in her delivery of advice often felt cheesy. I found the book difficult to “read” because of its structure (or lack thereof). The non-chronological chapters were so short that it felt choppy, almost like a series of diary entries. Perhaps that’s what Glennon intended—a flowing stream of consciousness until she arrives at conclusions—however, I craved a bit more organization and complete thoughts.

  • Kristyn L.

    This book is everything!!! Everything society should represent and be! She is so brave putting it to paper and standing by it! I love her and want to reread it again to internalize everything she says!!!! MUST READ

  • Mackenzie H.

    Loved! Extremely metaphor heavy but great messages, inspiration, humor.

  • Edie S.

    I just adore these series. I am very pleased I have discovered this writer

  • Heather F.

    great book

  • Karen K.

    I absolutely loved all the stories within this book. There were so many great life lessons that were brought up. I highly recommend!

  • Colleen R.

    Fantastic. I could listen to the whole thing again.

  • Varisa P.

    Narrator tried her best to make this story interesting. Sadly, content was too shallow. It didn't inspire me at all.

  • Karine Gaudreau

    This was highly recommended. I was eager to read. I just found it was an entire book of stress. Every chapter I'd think "Sheesh am I ruining my daughter?". Also, many scenarios had me mutter "mmm yeah that super never happened".

  • Jordan M.

    I loved absolutely everything about this book. Glennon is so wise and still so human. She’s raw and I just relate to her words so much. Then having her narrate as well was a wonderful touch. I highly recommend everyone read/listen to this.

  • Kameka T.


  • Christie S.

    Glennon has lifted a veil from my eyes, or rather helped to remove it fully. I’ve already begun a new journey of self discovery and growth but she has enlightened me, helped me see things I was too naive to see before. She had me crying within the first hour and sporadically throughout, laughing all throughout... I also felt enraged at times and empowered at others. She is.. well she just is... I love this book, her story, the wisdom she has whispered into my ear via this audiobook and most of all... I love that she has inspired me in a way I haven’t been inspired in so very long. My fire has been reignited and I will let it burn endlessly! Thank you Glennon for this treasure!

  • Anonymous

    Amazing! Most powerful book I've read maybe ever. All women should read this at some point in their life, the sooner the better! It is truly life changing.

  • Raissa C.

    Excellent read!

  • Catherine S.

    So many awesome nuggets of wisdom - and such joy and love for life!!

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely brilliant and necessary for EVERY woman alive.

  • April B.

    What an amazing book. I got nugget after nugget out of it. My journal is full of quotes that I want to remember. Thank you, Glennon.

  • Sechin H.

    Spot on about many issues women face today! Highly recommend!

  • Anonymous

    Life changing

  • Carmen W.

    What a book! So many things that make you say hmmm, never thought of it that way. Loved it.

  • Adrienne R.

    Untamed is so good! Worth every minute. So many lines resonated with me

  • Luke S.

    Real true.

  • Aimee D.

    This book didn’t hook me. I couldn’t relate to what she was saying and mostly felt like she went on extremely long, circular monologues. I couldn’t finish it.

  • Meghan Ryan

    It was nice to hear this memoir straight from the author. Glennon has many relatable stories and insights on how to honor your true self despite your upbringing and the messages the world tries to inscribe on you.

  • Caitlin N.

    Amazing. Life changer. Thank you for this.

  • Karólína E.

    If there where only more books in this world like “Untamed”, and more people as Glennon Doyle, the world would be such a lovely, understanding, and brutiful in all its glory.

  • Anonymous

    Just not what I thought it would be. Some what not relatable.

  • Donna B.

    This is one I'll keep in my library and gift to the women of all ages and stages in my life! She real!

  • Bianca1976

    Writing about and living your truth is nothing but brave. Keep being you Glennon!

  • Jennifer B.

    This book gave me all the feelings. It inspired me to just take life by the balls! Word cannot describe how beautiful this book is. It’s a most read!

  • Grid G.

    What a wonderful book. Although not fully doable, but certainly inspiring. Kudos to the authors for her courage.

  • Kimberly H.

    Interesting story, but lost its direction much of the time. The author just wandered around telling different stories of her life. Like an autobiography? I missed the purpose of the book. Kept waiting for an ending summary to pull it all together but never got it.

  • Jamie D.

    I liked the first few chapters and found them empowering. After awhile it just started feeling like I was listening to the same thing over and over again

  • Michelle S.

    Wow! This book is enlightening and Glennon’s read is very entertaining. For anyone trying to find themselves this book will help you discover new freedoms.

  • Keely D.

    Thank you Glennon, for finding your truth and for reminding all of us that truth exists outside our cages. You are a beautiful soul and I thank the universe for you.

  • Kerry L.

    I enjoyed every word of this book. She really made me think. I laughed. I cried. I think everyone should listen to this.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome book of empowerment and sense of self! Getting it for my 20 year old granddaughter !

  • Ana C.

    Didn’t like it, but is about her, so I respect whatever she feels like and it is great for people that may identify with her and finding this book of an impact, not for me.

  • Jennifer M.

    I loved the openness and vulnerability Glennon gave. Regardless of sexuality the possibility of THE MEETING your person. "there she is" had me in awe!!! Thank you for showing us what love is and what a true original family of yours looks like. what is possible is beautiful.

  • Heather B.

    Absolutely loved it.

  • Anonymous

    Too many personal stories. Too political. Agree with another review that it's too "cutesy"

  • Lisa A.

    By far the best book I have read thus far. Insightful, honest and raw. I started listening to it again immediately after I finished, scared I may have already forgotten some of the valuable life lessons that are referenced. Thank you GD for sharing all of your lived experiences.

  • Kathy S.

    My daughter read this for her book club and recommended it to me. Very empowering for women, mothers and daughters. Encourages women to challenge the ideals the grew up with and find their inner voice.

  • Emily B.

    Really Good Book with lots of inspiring information.

  • Jen P.

    Glennon is a good writer and her message is good. But it wasn’t for me...I’m sure this book is profoundly inspiring for women who need to build their confidence and figure out who they are. If you’re already there, you may find this book boring or even a little annoying.

  • Tiffany C.

    Cried on and off the entire time. A great book for feminists, women, mother's, daughter's, sister's, friends and for anyone that identifies with the LGBTQ community. It has a little something for everyone.

  • Dolores Q.

    Phenomenal book. Everyone should read this book. 101 of life. Wow!

  • Veronica B.

    I loved it! It came at the perfect time in my life. I am forever grateful.

  • Patricia B.

    A book written from the heart that gives different perspectives on life. I loved it!

  • Caprice M.

    Wow. I connected with her perspective on so many levels. Every human should read this. We’d all better to ourselves and in return better to each other.

  • Kitkat

    Amazing book. Kept me interested the whole time. I took a lot of information out of this book and applied it in my life. I found it empowering. I now what to see what else the author has written.

  • Anonymous

    The best book I’ve ever read. This is a mantra, words to live by. It made me laugh and cry over and over. Thank you, GD.

  • Roberta H.

    No!!!! Heard it all before , a mishmash of religion and becoming a lesbian. I just can't listen how the author tells us how hard it was to to sit alone for 10 minutes at a time. Ugh! And more ugh! It's 2020 no one cares if your a lesbian. You're 40 years old and you realize not to trust google to tell you how to proceed with your life?

  • Ivanna G.

    I loved all the insight that was given in the book, it was such a powerful message of realization to break away from things that don’t serve us and focus on going inward and listening to own truth. Amazing! :)

  • Teresa F.

    This insightful memoir was an absolute treat to listen to. I found the narration to be just a touch stale and lacking authenticity but I didn’t even care after a few chapters because the book is so awesome. Plus, I wouldn’t want anyone but Glennon to read her story :) I love her voice.

  • Carla2020

    Great book

  • Alyssa S.

    Best way to be inspired to be real, courageous and alive! This book is beyond phenomenal

  • Amanda W.

    This is a must read!! I wish I could write a review that would do this book justice. Glennon Doyle’s voice is one that will resonate with so many women. She is funny, wise, poetic, and inspirational. I loved listening to it but reading would be great too because then I could highlight passages. But maybe I would end up highlighting the whole book!


by Glennon Doyle

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