A Wicked Snow

Written by:
Gregg Olsen
Narrated by:
Karen Peakes

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2020
10 hours 38 minutes
Hannah Griffin was a girl when tragedy struck. She still remembers the flames reflected against the newly fallen snow and the bodies the police dug up-one of them her mother's. The killer was never found . . .

Twenty years later Hannah is a talented CSI investigating a case of child abuse when the past comes hurtling back. A killer with unfinished business is on the hunt. And an anonymous message turns Hannah's blood cold:

Your Mom called . . .

Contains mature themes.
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Brian M.

I chose this book because it sounded interesting and the reviews were good. Once into the story, it became very interesting and the flashbacks made so much sense. The narrator was easy to follow and definitely enhanced the story line. I was a little disappointed at the ending. Would have liked to see a more finite outcome. Great book and would recommend it... Thanks VIP selection folks!

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Maretta S.

great read

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Julie Robson

Good narration and kept me listening throughout.

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Nicky C.

An excellent book and the narrator held me in as much suspense as the author

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Michael Hayes

The story was good enough but it was hard for me to get into it for some reason. Was glad when it ended.

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The Rudy Files

Gripping. Loved this. The story was gripping. The characters were believable. The narrator brought them even more to life. I'll definitely be reading more Gregg Olsen

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Elizabeth McConnon

Started off well but felt like no real resolution.

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Took awhile getting in to the story. I actually left it and listened to another. Then I went back to it. About 3/4 of the way, I couldn’t put it down. All in all, it was good and I’d recommend it.

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Stephen R.

Excellent listen. Really enjoyed the story! The narrator was fantastic too!

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Good story line, but there is far too much unnecessary descriptive text.

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Kevin G.

It’s was alright

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Eric C.

It was alright, the narrator was excellent. I can't help but think that the ending was really "meh" ... I spent hours listening to the story, felt Hannah's frustration and then ... "meh" ... so a 3-star rating.

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I thoroughly enjoyed this story and thought the reader was great

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Kristen N.

This book was just ok. The crime story is gruesome and entertaining enough, The main character is a sniveling mess all the time as an adult, and quite unlikable. I don’t like when authors make the protagonist woman into a helpless idiot who can’t function in an investigation even though she’s a career CSI. And she’s always needing a man throw his arms around her so she can get through the day even though she’s acting like a moron. The narrator doesn’t do men’s voices well. Just read the lines, don’t make them all sound dumb.

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Tomáš F.

This book is mediocre story. Do not expect any briliant detective work. Book is focused on the feeligs of main character and slowly shows the facts via flashback of her child memory. This concept reveals the mystery for the reader long ahead before it is somehow confirmed. The biggest mystery remains unexplained beceause of lame police work. Which I guess is closer to the true police work than fantastic Sherlock Holmes stories. The narator was not really my cup of tea niether. Specialy when she tries to speak with deep mens voice. Another uninteresting book from VIP selection...

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Very good. Definitely kept me interested until the end

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I enjoyed the book. It was suspenseful and kept you engaged but hated the ending. Left with questions.

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Jimmy J.

it was ok.

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Sean R.

I liked this book. Not the best on the planet, but very far from the worst.

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christina Brownlow

Good story well read

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Kenneth C.

This is the first of his I have listened to. I will try others, but not with the same narrator.

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I’ve read a lot of Gregg Olsen books and this one just isn’t up to the standard I expect of him. Narrator was terrible.

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Mark P.

thoroughly enjoyed the book...

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