Written By: Rhonda Byrne

Narrated By: Rhonda Byrne

Date: November 2006

Duration: 4 hours 26 minutes


The worldwide bestselling phenomenon that has helped millions tap the power of the law that governs all our lives to create—intentionally and effortlessly—a joyful life.

In 2006, a groundbreaking feature-length film revealed the great mystery of the universe—The Secret—and, later that year, Rhonda Byrne followed with a book that became a worldwide bestseller.

Fragments of a Great Secret have been found in the oral traditions, in literature, in religions, and philosophies throughout the centuries. For the first time, all the pieces of The Secret come together in an incredible revelation that will be life-transforming for all who experience it.

In this book, you’ll learn how to use The Secret in every aspect of your life—money, health, relationships, happiness, and in every interaction you have in the world. You’ll begin to understand the hidden, untapped power that’s within you, and this revelation can bring joy to every aspect of your life.

The Secret contains wisdom from modern-day teachers—men and women who have used it to achieve health, wealth, and happiness. By applying the knowledge of The Secret, they bring to light compelling stories of eradicating disease, acquiring massive wealth, overcoming obstacles, and achieving what many would regard as impossible.


  • Amara Schubert

    I disliked the simplistic language used in this book and that the beginning of the book was meant to appeal to our greedy side "You can have money!" I'm all for positive thinking because it does affect how we experience life, but I do not believe that we can sit back and think our dream car to ourselves nor that we accidentally bring negative things to ourselves by unknowingly thinking of them too much. Sometimes things just happen. Sometimes we need to work for what we want. I think we're here to learn lessons and the Universe deals us cards that we don't want for that purpose.It doesn't spoil us by giving us what we want, but challenges us with struggles to make us better people in the long run.

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  • Shellanee Brock

    I appreciate books like these. To have the possibility of success at your fingertips and understand how is the key. I have taken notes and will practice this lifestyle. Positive brings positive, and negative invites negative. A good read I recommend it for all ages.

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  • Mandi Scott Chestler

    Place Maxwell Maltz's "Psycho-Cybernetics", Norman Vincent Peale's "The Power of Positive Thinking", and Richard Bach's Jonathan Livingston Seagull into a black caldron. Boil, stir, and add a pinch of Haight/Ashbury flower-child poetry from the 1960's just to spice up the brew a bit. What do you get? A potent mix for a new cult of "The Secret" followers. If it sounds too good to be true, rememer, it always is. And just like The Force in Starwars, there's a very dark side to "The Secret": any victim of random violence, accidents and/or natural disaters brought it on themselves by "thinking wrong thoughts." What a bunch of blame-the-victim dribble. Some secret.

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  • Anonymous

    This book is truely a waste of time. I can't believe that there are people out there who actually listen to this crap! After 30 minutes of listening I put in the last cd and listened to the last 5 minutes. There was no change, it was just as dull in the end. I wasted a rental getting this book and then didn't even listen to the whole thing, I couldn't. Save yourself! Don't rent this book! It is not worth the 3 stars the average gives it.

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  • Anonymous

    i do not regret hearing the secret. you have so much to learn from this book. Even Oprah talked about this book on her show. I highly recommend the secret to everyone, especially pessimistic people who need help.

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  • Dan

    While its important to keep positive attitudes, maintain a clear goal, and eliminate negative thoughts from interfering with your life, I feel that this book oversimplifies this and its airy presentation glosses over some of the hard truths of life.

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  • Anonymous

    Basic, sometimes too basic; "positive outlook, gets positive results" book. I could pass on this one.

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  • luke

    This book was not really what I expected. It's more of a meta-california type thing. If you will it, it will happen? Pretty weak in my book. Unless you're idea of being a go getter is planning your nights dreams this is not a worth while read.

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  • Tom T

    I do get the positive thought process of this audio book however the reader lost me half way through due to the ridiculous examples she used and the manner in which it was delivered. the book has very little credibility as far as I'm concerned. making reference to famous successful people "who knew the secret" was blatant bull. Dont waste you time.

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  • J D.

    Love it .. The law of attraction is strong and if you us It to you full potential then you will have everything you want..

    2 of 2 people found this review helpful.

  • Andrew J.

    I love the Secret, it's very inspiring, I listen to it as much as I can when I'm driving or just after listening to music that always puts me in a good mood and now I want to give it as a gift to my son and need to find out how.

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  • Melody W.

    great read

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  • Anonymous

    I liked the way the book helped to simplify the law of attraction.

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  • Mariela P.

    Loved this book and love Rhonda Byrne.

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  • Tetyana L.

    Great, easy and pleasure to hear. I enjoyed.

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  • Anonymous

    i would love to believe with all my heart , and I would love to know what it is Im here for

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  • Travis S.

    Fantastic book. Some parts of it have definitely helped towards mindfulness and awareness to the law of attraction. Little bit money oriented where I feel they should have brought more of the present moment into it.. good book otherwise..

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  • Jeetesh P.

    Love it

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  • Sara D.

    I really enjoyed this book, and found it hard to stop listening as I wanted to hear and learn more. I’ve listened twice now and live going back to it.

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  • Lilly

    Couldn't do it after 10 minutes - packed it back up and sent it back. Couldn't understand the reader - may have been a great book, but the reader killed it!

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  • Anonymous

    This book was more commentary of the secret. But the actual secret is spelled out for you. Along with an action plan to achieve it. Very "new age".

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  • Anonymous

    This book masquerades as almost Positive Psychology, though is all sizzle and no steak. Nothing of true value is to be gained here. It is mental opium.

  • Anonymous

    Extremely repetitive of simple motherhood statement. I would fall asleep listening to it, then wake up and feel like I am listening to the same sentences again. the narration further added the cult like feeling to the experience as there were very few facts presented and all the rest was someone's beliefs.

  • Kurt S

    This book is pure rubbish. I actually purchased the book. During its hype. Cannot believe I fell for it.

  • K O.

    Visualization works! Throw what you want into the universe and work towards it! Great concepts.

  • Jagjot A.

    amazing concepts explained in simple language and examples

  • Anonymous

    Pretty good advice and living with the “like attracts like” mentality is definitely the way to live. Not sure if I agree with how they say you attract everything into your life. I mean as a child Im not sure how I could have attracted the physical abuse that I experienced…

  • Karen K.

    I thought the messages overall were helpful but sometimes a little corny. When you think about it, it’s stuff you should already know. I would still recommend this though.

  • Anonymous

    great book!

  • Anonymous

    With God all things is possible !!!

  • Jessica C.

    Nice short reminder to think positively and with purpose.

  • Filipa G.

    I absolutely love this book and any other books from Rhonda Byrne! Thank you . Thank you . Thank you . ❤

  • Anonymous

    Awesome book

  • Heather

    Amazing Book!! The law of attraction explained very well!

  • Anonymous

    I loved the book. With references provided by author and they sharing their experiences is quite helpful. Well narrated

  • Angela F.

    This is a terrible book. Yes you should think positive and be grateful but you need that be grateful to your Lord and Savior not the "universe".

  • Lucy D.


  • nicole Steenkamp

    a good book if you are in a bad space. will change your way of thinking

  • Jan H.

    Awful sleazy

  • Diane B.

    Liked the message but the speed up of the narration was annoyingl.

  • Anonymous

    Incredible book that everyone should listen or read at list once! It’s inspiring and opens the unlimited power that you hold!

  • Anonymous

    The book was great. The simplicity in understanding what the author was trying to convey was very good.

  • Suresh K.

    This book is equal to all books of famous philosophers and psychiartists

  • MAZEN M.

    Inspiring book. Narrator was a little too dramatic.

  • Hawwa Shaheena M.

    Alhamdhulillah! one of the best titles I have ever listened. To have narrations from all the contributing experts is the reason I loved it so much

  • LaShell M.

    I appreciate this book, i was skeptical in the beginning, but continued to listen and as i began to truly listen and become open to the message written the more engaged i became!!

  • Evelyn L.

    Enlightening and a mind expanding book. I especially like that Joy and Gratitude underpins our Faith to possess that which we want to see materialise.

  • Anonymous

    All I have to say is that this WORKS!!!!

  • Yvette P.

    This book literally changed my life for Good! Thank you Rhonda Byrne & all who contributed to this Amazing Book! ❤

  • Alan R.

    A great book very inspirational

  • Nathan A

    love the read good vibes in the power of belief

  • Sandee P

    I truly enjoyed this book, even though I did find it very repetitive... which I guess is part of the process for understanding the “secret “ properly :)

  • Celia B


  • Shirley J

    The best therapy. I have ever received. Thank you so much!!!!!!!

  • Lyndsey W

    I loved this book!!!!!!!! I personally found it very helpful when thinking about my own specific goals. I am glad I downloaded this.

  • Kat W

    Easy to listen to Interesting An eye opener!! I have enjoyed listening to this book and have started to apply the secret to my life Really interested book

  • cassandra r

    You have the power to change your life. This book shows great aspect of how you can do that unique to you. So glad I got the audio book I listen to it at least once a week!

  • Juliet M

    This was a great book! Thank you for changing my thought process.

  • Yvette R

    Great book! VERY insightful. Should be part of high school curriculum, or actually already earlier in life. Lovely if you would have parents that practice this. I've believed in the power of positive thinking since an early age, but never known how powerful it could really be. Saw the movie a while ago, now practicing it, the outcome is wondrous. I'm embracing life and feel very fortunate. Do yourself a favour and read this book!

  • reda a

    Great book. It helps me to improve my English language.

  • Paul Heywood

    Never get bored of this book was not sure it would be as good in audio as the film but give it a few minutes it gets going

  • Shannon Dinsmore

    This audio is amazing! One of the best by far! I love the fact that the author is the one narrating her own book! She's very genuine I believe this and I have started or acting this ! I can't wait to see the results

  • Humberto Gomez

    Amazing book I've been practicing this method all my life and I thought it was strange until I read this book I relate completely to it .

  • Wilbinton Romero

    It was perfect! I loved it, I see life completely different.

  • Kim Bains

    Amazing must read. This is real and I hope everyone understands the opportunity this book can give you. Give it a try it will change your thinking and your life.

  • Karen Nelson

    I read the secret many years ago and it has completely transformed my life. The audio version is just as empowering! Positive thinking at its best.

  • Shane Bush

    I enjoyed the book. I'm definitely going to concentrate on thinking positive.

  • Briana Frazier

    This book changed my life! If it didn't change yours, you're still thinking negative! Everything I've thought and spoken in existence, I have received!

  • Talon Majors

    Inspiring, life changing, eye opening and revolutionary. Worked for me!

  • Moissar Al Saraj

    I love it .. it's a life shifter .. it gives impressive energy to change ..

  • Justine sharp

    Dreadful. Poorly narrated. Disjointed and insincere. This to me is a bunch of people making success off vulnerable people who want to have better lives. It does not share any new insights that is not already widely known. I was recommended this book by someone I thought would have more wisdom. There is no secret people!

  • Robert White

    Wish this book was around 30 years ago. I enjoyed it and will be listening to it again soon.

  • William Friel

    I have listened to the audiobook many times. It has taught me how to think, feel, and do so that I can have a more fulfilling life. It has also taught me how to be in gratefulness throughout my daily life. Growing up in a Catholic household I was never taught that we are here to be joyful and I need to be reminded this often. The Narrator is excellent (Rhonda Byrne) and carries a lot of energy throughout.

  • Jeremy Steding

    One of my favorites, and the more I use it, the more success I have.

  • kenneth Kubiszewski

    A must have for anyone wanting a change in life...

  • Gary Young

    I'm 60 years old and now realize my parents knew and taught me the secret, which I passed on to my family and others who were interested enough to apply it. You are drawn to your focus. Yes, keep your eye on the "ball" in every aspect of your life.

  • Ramona Segovia

    a must book, the narrator makes it even better, simply excellent

  • Joseph Distephano

    To all readers, I have read the book , and I have watch the vidio. I would highly recommend watching the vidio . I believe what they talk about my life and I know if you give it a try it will change your life . I have to say on one morerrcr. iii thing don't expect it to change right away it may take a while buqt when it dose your going to be amazed I just know it is . I want to thank everyone that put the the Secret together it took a while but when it did it was great you have to stay positive and patient . Thank You Joseph D.

  • Jenna Stauber

    Love The Secret!! This is a great philosophy to live by. Positive thinking can create such a better life for any person. I definitely recommend.

  • Angie Tsintzifas

    Amazing and inspiring! Absolutely loved it!! One of the best books I've ever read!

  • Kari Redman

    This is a life changing book that should be read by everyone! The secret is already inspiring change in my life!

  • Anonymous

    You get out of it what you want. Everything has something to teach you. If you are open minded and focused on learning, get this book. It can only help you expand you knowledge and understanding.

  • Anonymous

    I actually liked the book and concept. It basically centers around having faith, but does not ever talk about the work part of the equation. I believe in maintaining a positive frame of mind and focus, however work is required to make things happen. So, even though I feel that she has an important point, there needs to be emphasis on acting and working on any inspiration one receives.

  • Ken

    This book contains one of the most absurd concepts of all time. Only a moron would use these ideas and actually believe it would work. The basic premise is that anything you want, you can have as long as you put every ounce of your mental effort into obtaining it. That's right, no real work here, just the "power" of your own desire. It offers ZERO proof or even any examples of this concept working. Do no bother with this title. The only secret within The Secret is how the author dreamed the whole thing up herself...

  • Larry Brinckerhoff

    I found this interesting. The first CD was hard to get into, but then the second and third (middle of the book) really got my attention. The end was just too much for me to take and so in the end was left a bit deflated.

  • Anonymous

    Good book, good information and useful. I was a little put off with all the dramatic music that was included & the various "experts" that were featured. All in all it was OK, but I wouldn't read it again.

  • Anonymous

    I had already read the book but this is one of those times when the audio book really improved on just the written words. The people who contributed to the book do the audio and it is awe-inspiring. Some people may see this book as just another "power of positive thinking" but the author goes beyond this and encompasses many other aspects of ways to improve the way we approach the world. You will be grateful when you rent this book!

  • Sandra Payne

    Not what I expected, but I will try to have a more positive attitude and try sending out my positive energy throughout the universe and reap the benefits.

  • Anonymous

    This was a very relaxing and positive book to listen too. It really made my mind start to focus on all the good that the world has to offer. It also sparked my more spiritual side that I hadnt given much thought to in many years. A good read for someone that is open minded and has a positive outlook on life, but needing some reinforcement.

  • Daparoye

    I couldn't get through this book. It was so repetitive and the reader (I believe the author) does not have the voice for audiobooks. I felt it was dangerous to drive while listening to this whinning junk because I kept wanting to nod off. VERY BORING!

  • Anonymous

    This book has a lot of good information on it that will help you live a happier, more productive life. At first I felt it paid too much attention to money, and that the message was lots of money and material things are the path to success and happiness. But if you get past that part into the later chapters, focus is given to much more important things.

  • Anonymous

    This is complete tripe! Junk! Don't bother. Ejected it about half way through disk one. Wish I had read the rewiews!!!!!! Those who thought it was bad gave it 3 stars!!! Why????

  • Anonymous

    This was the stupidest book I've ever read (listened to)--I ejected the first CD before reaching the end. Every thought I have is projected througout the entire universe?!? Complete balderdash!!!

  • Anonymous

    Hmm... I was so curious about all "The Secret" stuff.. When I "read" (listened) to the book I realized it is common sense and hard work. This is a revelation? Think it and it will happen? Well, yeah, it will happen.. when you think about it.. then take the steps to acheive it.. I guess I don't get how this was a "secret" for so long?!

  • Anonymous

    This is the first book I've ever had to return before finishing and with this, I got only to the second CD before I couldn't take it anymore. As others have stated, the narrator was truly annoying. While I do believe to a large extent in the power of positive thinking and that some things do come to a person by the so called "law of attraction", I found the book repetitious and some of the examples absurd. The focus was also too much on wealth and having expensive new cars and mansions. I don't look at success in those terms. I was very disappointed because I had heard so many good things about the movie and I thought there would be a fantastic revelation. I would not advise listening to this; perhaps actually reading the book would be better.

  • Anonymous

    I found this book terrible. The voices jumped all over the place and the secret is really no secret at all. I got to the first disc and had to stop.

  • Anonymous

    Don't waste your time. This is the most boring book I have ever rented. Alot of BS about changing the way you think. The readers switched every feww minutes and one of the main readers (perhaps even the author) is so annoying to listen to. Very momotone. I couldnt get through the whole thing. I sent it back.

  • Anonymous

    The most astonishingly bad book I have ever encountered. Trite pablum dished out by a host of "experts" with ambiguous titles like "motivational specialist." It was especially telling that the measure of a successful life, as defined in this book, is monetary wealth. I would have to agree with the summary that The Secret was an incredible revelation - I would never have believed that such nonsense could find a publisher.

  • Tana Johnston

    This book will change your life!! I listen to it often for a boost. The people who have contributed to this work are passionate people who not only believe in a better world but can visualize what it would look like. Their passion and enthusiasm is infectious. The more people who read the book, and join in that vision, the more that reality will expand for all of us. This book will truly change the world.

  • Christa Krais

    The Secret works. It works. It works. It works. The CDs are much better than the DVD, especially with Rhonda Byrnes' lyrical voice, a perfect transistor for a message that is at once uplifting.

  • Catherine Copeland

    If you believe in Karma then this book is right down your alley. My problem with the book is that it only addresses one of the first elements of success and that is a strong belief that you can. Certainly that is an important element in the formula of success but not the only element. To get the real formula read Napoleon Hill's books because he addresses each and every element. I can see why some critics come down on the book because it leads to faulty thinking on health issues. The author claims she was able to bring about better vision in a week's time through thought alone. I would shutter to think that there might be people who would throw away their meds because they think thought alone will cure them.

  • Anonymous

    There is no secret in this book. If you've read any material about thinking positively, you pretty much already know everything that this book has to offer. This book is just a rehash of thinking positively with some added mysticism and lots of hyperbole. The endless quotes by "experts", (I've never heard of any of them), and the constant repeating of the same point over and over again, is extremely annoying. The over done sound effects are like nails on a chalk board. This book takes four CDs of what could have been covered in less than one. I was greatly disappointed in this book and its presentation. Don't waste your time on this one.

  • Anonymous

    Really, this one deserves a 0 star rating. The author begs, wheedles, and cajoles you to buy into her "secret" throughout the book. The fundamental concepts take about 5 minutes to explain, (it's a dressed up version of The Power of Positive Thinking) but then they are repeated and reworded for 4 1/2 hours. Well, at least the author's positive attitude made her wealthy - but I'd like my money and time back from this one!

  • Laurajean

    This is the classic case where the author should NOT be the narrator. I couldn’t stand to listen to her urgent pleading voice urging me to embrace this secret which she has discovered. I think the information has great potential for learning; I just couldn’t stand her exaggerated and imploring tone. The other specialists on the CD were fine and provided interesting information. I actually found myself asking the audio CD to back off and just give me the data so I can form my own opinion. This is one case where I may have to read the book or watch the movie. That will be a first! Please note that the one star is not reflective of the book’s content, just its narration. I didn’t listen long enough to rate its content.


by Rhonda Byrne

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