The Book of Two Ways: A Novel

Written by:
Jodi Picoult
Narrated by:
Patti Murin

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2020
15 hours 47 minutes
#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • From the author of Small Great Things and A Spark of Light comes a “powerful” (The Washington Post) novel about the choices that alter the course of our lives.


Everything changes in a single moment for Dawn Edelstein. She’s on a plane when the flight attendant makes an announcement: Prepare for a crash landing. She braces herself as thoughts flash through her mind. The shocking thing is, the thoughts are not of her husband but of a man she last saw fifteen years ago: Wyatt Armstrong.

Dawn, miraculously, survives the crash, but so do all the doubts that have suddenly been raised. She has led a good life. Back in Boston, there is her husband, Brian, their beloved daughter, and her work as a death doula, in which she helps ease the transition between life and death for her clients.

But somewhere in Egypt is Wyatt Armstrong, who works as an archaeologist unearthing ancient burial sites, a career Dawn once studied for but was forced to abandon when life suddenly intervened. And now, when it seems that fate is offering her second chances, she is not as sure of the choice she once made.

After the crash landing, the airline ensures that the survivors are seen by a doctor, then offers transportation to wherever they want to go. The obvious destination is to fly home, but she could take another path: return to the archaeological site she left years before, reconnect with Wyatt and their unresolved history, and maybe even complete her research on The Book of Two Ways—the first known map of the afterlife.

As the story unfolds, Dawn’s two possible futures unspool side by side, as do the secrets and doubts long buried with them. Dawn must confront the questions she’s never truly asked: What does a life well lived look like? When we leave this earth, what do we leave behind? Do we make choices . . . or do our choices make us? And who would you be if you hadn’t turned out to be the person you are right now?
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Too much information about Egyptian tombs. Picoult could not seem to get across her purpose in this writing. I lost interest quickly.

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Marjorie K.

I have read or listened to every book Jodi Picoult has ever written. I really wanted to like this one but really had a hard time getting through it. Way too much detail about Egyptology when it could have been quite a bit more simple. I really wanted to like it but had trouble following it all the way through. It took me forever to finish this one, while I can usually read one of hers in about two days.

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Michaela S.

I have read every one of Jodi’s books and I was not a fan of this one. It felt more like a text book and it was hard to get through. It could have been much shorter. I did not connect with any of the characters and character development was pointless and not very exciting. I’m sad to leave a bad review on a Jodi book but she is still my favorite writer!

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Didn’t like the book. I enjoyed the Boston part.

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Trish O.

Ive enjoyed many kid her books previously .. but ame as a few others... too much technical info. No flow to this story fir a long time. Back and forth between times is fine but wasn’t done particularly well this time, in my opinion

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Susan H

This was fabulous. It really made me think as it went through so many divergence points where a life might have gone a different way. The story was both deeply moving and educational. I feel like I have lived as an Egyptologist and a Death Doula. Characters were engaging. I enjoyed every minute of it!

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Ginny B.

As a fan of Jodi Picoult I looked forward to this book - but found it very difficult to get through as there was far too much information about Egyptian archeology. It could have been a textbook on the subject. Because it was an audiobook, it wasn’t possible to skip over the pages and pages of extraneous information to get to the underlying story, which on its own would have been very entertaining.

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Fifteen hours of dribble. Not a novel. An endless editorial that rambles until it final reaches a cookie cutter conclusion. Flat characters, poorly constructed, pointless dialogue with every character having the same voice, using the same trite adages. Reading a telephone book backwards would be a better use of time.

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It was a bit slow in parts maybe a little bit too much Egyptology references. ( too detailed) .

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Paulina M.

Great book overall but beware of the amount of information and topics your brain will have to juggle throughout the book. It comes together in the end... but it left me wanting a more precise ending

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I love Jodi Picoult as an author so I was shocked that this book was so busy with to much Egyption detail that bored me senseless. I ONLY finished the book Because I am not a quitter.

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Diana H.

More than I ever wanted to know about Egyptology. I got a little lost in the flow of the story. The ending is ridiculous, but I think she chooses Brian.

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