Deep South

Written by:
Paul Theroux
Narrated by:
John McDonough

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2015
23 hours 30 minutes
For the past fifty years, Paul Theroux has travelled to the far corners of the earth - to China, Africa, the Pacific Islands, Russia, and elsewhere. In Deep South he turns his gaze to a region much closer to his home. Travelling through North and South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama and Arkansas he writes of the stunning landscapes he discovers - the deserts, the mountains, the Mississippi - and above all, the lives of the people he meets.
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Not Theroux’s Best by a long shot. Quite redundant and often boring. How many stories from old people can you listen to over and over again? Many times l had to check and see if l was relistening to something l had heard before! I get how important the Civil Rights era was to this part of the country but would have appreciated if the contemporary cultural aspects of the region had been addressed as well. All of the subject matter is old people going on about the past. The narrator was excellent though but the book could have easily been half the length. I’ve read all of Theroux’s travel books and unfortunately he hasn’t improved with age.

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