The Fellowship of the Ring

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2021
22 hours 38 minutes

In a quiet village in the Shire, young Frodo Baggins is about to receive a gift that will change his life forever.

Thought lost centuries ago, it is the One Ring, an object of terrifying power once used by the Dark Lord to enslave Middle-earth. Now darkness is rising, and Frodo must travel deep into the Dark Lord’s realm, to the one place the Ring can be destroyed: Mount Doom.

The journey will test Frodo’s courage, his friendships and his heart. Because the Ring corrupts all who bear it—can Frodo destroy it, or will it destroy him?This brand-new unabridged recording is narrated by the acclaimed actor, director and author, Andy Serkis.
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It’s Andy Serkis, so of course the narration is top notch. As for the writing, Tolkien, while having some of the most poetic and gorgeous prose, tends to vacation in the details instead of holidaying in them. Oft times, sections were a bit long winded and I found myself drifting. All in all, from a book standpoint, The Hobbit is still my favorite out of the two. Onward to The Two Towers!

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Jeremiah Kessinger

Great read,but more singing than a Disney movie, Andy serkis is phenomenal as usual.

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Nicole R. Wilson

Andy Serkis is amazing. absolutely love hearing him narrator the story. I could listen to him read all day.

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Samantha A.

I'm a big LOTR fan, but I haven't read the books until now. I love the story even more now, and I can't believe how PHENOMENAL the narrator is.

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Hannah L.

Andy Serkis is incredible, and of course the book itself is amazing. As someone that has a hard time focusing on one thing at a time, I love all the details, as it really lets me live in the moment being read. This is a must read.

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Daniel N.

Amazing book, read by an amazing narrator!

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James D.


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Adrienne M.

Andy Serkis was the perfect narrator for this story! So glad he is the one to bring me into the book of the movie series I love so much.

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Becca M.

It’s obviously the best. Everything. All of it. Of course.

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David G.

Great Narrator, loved hearing the differences between the original book and the movie

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Andy Serkis is fantastic. I wish I could do all the voices he does and keep them straight.

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Taurias S.

The Andy Serkis reading was absolutely fantastic, a pure joy to listen to.

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Michael H.

I quite enjoy all the characters being distinct in their voices, as well as listening to Andy Serkis sing the songs. Thoroughly enjoyed.

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Aaron Linden

Andy Serkis is the best choice for reading these master pieces for TLOTR! The movies are awesome, the books are very good also!

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