Neverworld Wake

Written by:
Marisha Pessl
Narrated by:
Phoebe Strole

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2018
8 hours 47 minutes
Five teens are caught in a continuous time loop where they are forced to choose who lives and who dies in this absorbing psychological thriller from the acclaimed New York Times bestselling author of Special Topics in Calamity Physics and Night Film.

'Beautifully creepy.' --The New York Times
'You won't be able to stop reading.' --Refinery29
'Dark and twisty.' --Bustle

Five friends. Only one can survive. Who would you choose?

It's been one year since graduation, and Beatrice Hartley has mixed feelings about joining her friends a weekend reunion. She's right to be worried. After a night out, they narrowly avoid a collision with a car on a deserted road. Or so they believe...

Back at the mansion where they are staying, a mysterious man knocks on the door during a raging storm. He tells them that they must make a choice: one of them will live, and the rest will die. And the decision must be unanimous.

Soon time backbends. Beatrice and her friends are forced to repeat that dreadful day so many times they lose count. With each replay, events twist and fears come alive in horrifying ways.

To escape, they have to vote. But how do you choose who to kill? And then how do you live with yourself? This nightmare, this nothingness . . . this is the Neverworld Wake.

From critically acclaimed, literary sensation, Marisha Pessl, comes a spellbinding story that is 'the kind of book you'll tear through and then want to talk about with everyone you know.' (Nylon).
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