Written By: Kristin Hannah

Narrated By: Polly Stone

Date: February 2015

Duration: 17 hours 30 minutes


In love we find out who we want to be.
In war we find out who we are.

FRANCE, 1939

In the quiet village of Carriveau, Vianne Mauriac says goodbye to her husband, Antoine, as he heads for the Front. She doesn't believe that the Nazis will invade France...but invade they do, in droves of marching soldiers, in caravans of trucks and tanks, in planes that fill the skies and drop bombs upon the innocent. When a German captain requisitions Vianne's home, she and her daughter must live with the enemy or lose everything. Without food or money or hope, as danger escalates all around them, she is forced to make one impossible choice after another to keep her family alive.

Vianne's sister, Isabelle, is a rebellious eighteen-year-old girl, searching for purpose with all the reckless passion of youth. While thousands of Parisians march into the unknown terrors of war, she meets Gäetan, a partisan who believes the French can fight the Nazis from within France, and she falls in love as only the young can...completely. But when he betrays her, Isabelle joins the Resistance and never looks back, risking her life time and again to save others.

With courage, grace and powerful insight, bestselling author Kristin Hannah captures the epic panorama of WWII and illuminates an intimate part of history seldom seen: the women's war. The Nightingale tells the stories of two sisters, separated by years and experience, by ideals, passion and circumstance, each embarking on her own dangerous path toward survival, love, and freedom in German-occupied, war-torn France--a heartbreakingly beautiful novel that celebrates the resilience of the human spirit and the durability of women. It is a novel for everyone, a novel for a lifetime.


  • Ellen V

    I was blown away by this story and also the narration. It made me plunge myself deeper into the history of WOII, and since then i read many many smaller yet so valuable stories of people having lived, loved, fought and suffered during this war. Recently I listened again to this book, I just loved it that much.

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  • Monica L

    The story was incredibly moving and the narration delivered it beautifully.

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  • Emily W

    This book is amazing, breathtaking and heart wrenching. I absolutely loved and will read it again in the future.

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  • Susan S

    Powerful book - revisited a subject l would normally shy away from - but you are taken on such a wonderful and emotional journey l highly recommend this book !

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  • Cara M

    I was hooked from the start, and the intrigue just kept building! Excellent book.

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  • MimiKS

    War does not usually interest me but seeing it from the innocent peoples perspective was intriguing. Great book and narration.

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  • Laurie H.

    Loved this book!

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  • Christine Benson

    Love this book. Sadly life at that time was pretty harsh. But the depiction of the times was great. I love the French accents. And the German. Having lived 5 years in Europe, it put the mood right.

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  • Anonymous

    I will remember this book forever. Awesome. True perseverance and triumphant

  • Mindy B.

    This book was amazing! The narrator did subtle differences for voices and I loved listening to her. The book itself was a slow start but SO WORTH IT! Yes! I was crying in parts!

  • Angelia H.

    Kept my interest throughout the entire book.

  • Victoria T

    Didn't like narrations

  • Megan M.

    All time favorite, WW2 historical fiction!

  • Anonymous

    Amazing story. Will recommend to everyone. Loved the narrator.

  • Whittney L.

    One of the best novels I’ve ever met. Unbearable and unbreakable. I will revisit this one in print someday. A must read.

  • Lisa H.

    So we’ll written. Amazing story. Best read of the year.

  • Misty E.

    very well read... very good book! top 10... so sad what happened to so many. One can pray history will not repeat itself.

  • Katrina J.

    I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this book! The content and the narration kept me enthralled the entire time and I was sad that it ended.

  • Carol V.

    Been reading biographies and didn’t notice at first that this was a novel. Well written although I didn’t like any of the characters until I was 2/3 of the way through the book.

  • Jacquelyn E.

    I could not wait to listen to more. It was a journey I hope I never see in my life. Or in anyone’s ever again. The story is perfectly told. So good.

  • Jacquelyn E.

    I could not wait to listen to more. It was a journey I hope I never see in my life. Or in anyone’s ever again. The story is perfectly told. So good.

  • Elizabeth Y.

    I read lots of books about courageous women. This was one of the best. Well written, thoughtful character development and held my interest. Excellent flow of the story.

  • Jill W.

    It was a sad and beautiful story.

  • Anonymous

    Better then a 5 star! You will really enjoy the story.

  • Marie P.

    I could not stop listening I love historical fiction and this did not disappoint; graphically reminded me of the privilege-of-time affords those born “free” in “this time” and how fragile taking that for granted could be!

  • Nikki F.

    One of top 5 books! Amazing!

  • Josh P.

    Amazing book of survival and struggle at a time in our history that should never be forgotten. This book will keep you interested from start to finish. Definitely recommend it!

  • Katherine D.

    Wonderful story. Narration was well done especially when French accent was required. Story was suspenseful, often sad and left a strong impression of what is meaningful in life and the importance of family ties and Making a difference in the world.

  • Jeff H.

    What a spectacular view of what ordinary people were able to find the courage to do. It always puts a lump in my throat when I hear stories about individuals who sacrificed everything for love of others. Let us never forget!

  • Anonymous

    I highly recommend!

  • Anonymous

    Excellent app. I love the layout. It’s user friendly.

  • Anonymous

    The Nightingale is a wonderful novel! It is a roller coaster of emotions but the end left me with kleenex in hand. The novel is not a war romance, it is about strength, morals and friendship. I must say, this is the best book I have ever had the pleasure to have listened/read.

  • KristenLeigh

    Amazing book! Great storyline! Love the ending!

  • Kathryn T.


  • Jessica

    Had this in my wishlist for over a year and kept passing on it, not onto war romances- finally got it and wow! This is such an amazing book!

  • Anonymous

    My favorite book of all time

  • Anonymous

    Excellent. I love historical fiction with a terrific story and splendid writing. The two sisters of different lives all in the same challenged time. Wonderful compassionate and mature at different rates. Family bondage brings the story to the conclusion yet open. Well worth reading again.

  • Barri E.

    I loved this book!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful story!

  • Mike A.

    Absolutely fabulous!

  • BRETT B.

    Great book.

  • Jenna T.

    Another excellent book from Kristen Hannah. Written so vividly I couldn't help but to be taken back to these incredible scenes as they were described. The narration was impeccable and truly brought each character to life. Heartbreaking harrowing events during one of the most devastating times in history. War from a different perspective.

  • Leah Hill

    Couldn't stop listening. Best historical fiction I've read this year.

  • Tanja C.

    I have never rated this book and I have listened to it again and again over time . I love historical fiction and this is one of the best . Narration is amazing as well!

  • Anonymous

    Wow. Incredibly sad and heart warming is an understatement. My first book review. I rarely ever write them but this book is a must read. It warms my soul!

  • Jennifer B.

    Awesome story of unbelievable strength in the worst of times

  • April V.

    What a heart wrenching story of true heroes. Very well written and read.

  • Knfisher

    By far the BEST historical book ever!

  • Lisa K

    If you have taken an interest in WWII, this is your book! I’ve read many non-fiction documentaries about WWII and this book is spot on. The characters in this book are real. They are people with flaws, but courageous just the same. You are not just reading. You are there with them with each defeat and victory. This is a must read!!!!! Just a note on the narrator. Perfect fit!

  • Shelly H.

    Great book! Kept me intrigued the whole time

  • Tony W.

    One of my favorite so far.

  • Colette G.

    My favorite read in years.

  • Courtney Curtis

    I didn't expect to love this as much as I did... Heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time.

  • Dayna B.

    Such a moving story!

  • Autumn C.

    Riveting! Could hardly put it down the last half of the book!

  • Terri D.

    Amazing story! I usually don’t want to read books about the war but this book was just so much more than that. This book is defiantly a keeper to read again and again. So touching and emotional but so worth reading.

  • Machaelie H.

    One of the best books I’ve ever read. You won’t want to put this book down!

  • Carol M.

    This was a great book that I recommend. It seemed to build gradually toward the dramatic climax. I felt the monologue at the end was a touching and beautiful sentiment to pass on

  • Marissa S.

    Excellent book! Great narrator! Worth 10 credits!

  • Bonnie T.

    Loved it! The narration was also very good.

  • Corinne R.

    Wow! This book was great! I cried the last 2 hours of it. I will definitely read this again.

  • Jenna C.

    What an amazing story. This book was well-written and had me invested in the characters.

  • William D.

    Fantastic book and story. The characters come to life and break your heart. The narrator was fantastic.

  • Kristi B.

    Best book in a long long while. I loved it so much I am going to buy the paperback even though I don't buy paperbacks anymore! It is well worth some shelf space though. Can't wait to read Kristin Hannahs other books

  • Beth M.

    One of my favorite Books! Loved it from start to finish

  • Sharon H.

    I totally loved this book, one of the best I have ever read.

  • Anonymous

    One of the most compelling stories I’ve ever read.

  • Kassie O.

    Wow! This book made me so many different things. My heart filled with compassion, heartache, sparrow, love, and hope all at the same time. I bawled during the last chapter. I kept putting off the last couple chapters because I knew the story was coming to an end. Def will recommend to other book lovers.

  • Anonymous

    I listened to this book YEARS ago, and it is one of the top five books that I have ever listened to. I did not know how to write reviews way back then, but this story has stayed in my heart and mind all this time. Strong women in Europe during World War II.

  • Amanda W.

    Amazing! Will be thinking about this one for a long time.

  • Daryl B.

    An enjoyable listen. Writing is good but not great. A number of cliché characters. Narrator does a good job.

  • Diana H.

    Moving story-telling. Thick with heartbreak, strong characters, great narration. Amidst endless stories of WWII, this stands out. Prepare for an emotional rollercoaster.

  • Sylvie B.

    Absolutely loved it!

  • Veronica J.

    I was immersed from the start. The story was thought provoking as it drives home a perspective that was not fully represented from that horrific time. It made my heart race, break, and fill with love for these characters. As a women, you will admire the strength, loyalty, and straight up guts that the women who actually did survive Hitler had to have demonstrated. It is a Wow read that you’ll remember.

  • Joanne R.

    Excellent story for people who never experienced war before. The sacrifices that not only soldiers make but also civilians. You felt like you were living right along side of the characters.

  • Rachelle S

    Excellent book....very moving....enjoyed it emensly didn't want to put it down! It's a must read!

  • April H

    I really enjoyed this book, and could actually feel the history being played out.

  • Jenny F

    Definitely recommend this! Not my “norm” but oh so glad I tried it. It’s beautiful and the narrator was amazing. If her other books are this good, I’ll read them all!

  • Nancy K

    I just finished listening to this book again. I think it is Kristin Hannah’s finest book. I will listen to it again too. Everyone I have recommended this book too loves it!

  • Kimberley R

    So well written, heart wrenching, terribly beautiful story I had not heard before. Can't wait to see a movie.

  • Emily L

    Couldn't stop listening, great story filled with humanity, heartbreak, perseverance and just a dash of love

  • lucia w

    Wonderful! didn't want this book to end. This powerful story will stay with me for a long time...

  • Asia A

    Beautiful story! I couldn’t stop listening!!! I felt engaged and touched by the story and the characters! The best book I’ve listened to / read in a long time!

  • Dayna K

    such an amazing book!!! If you have a sister this is your read

  • Karen B

    This is the best book I've read n a while. The narrator also did a good job.

  • Katie D

    Thought the storyline was great and narration was fantastic with all the different characters.

  • Rhonda B

    I wasn't hooked from beginning, but the book continued to build and I couldn't put it down!

  • Carly K

    One of my favorites ever!

  • Rita J

    I was enthralled within the first chapter & could hardly wait for each chapter to follow. Fabulous author and narration!

  • natalya v

    I tried to savor the book, but it was too good. I finished it in no time. If you are interested in the topic of WW2 this is a good choice. It touches your heart, especially when you know there were hundreds of similar heroic stories and millions of tragedies as described in this book and worse.

  • Valgerður B

    I loved it! Couldn't stop listening - and the narration was wonderful!

  • Nichola Hildebrand

    A story so different from mine, yet bleeds similar cuts to my own. Gain, loss, and a women finding purpose in a time where the nightmare doesn't end when you wake up. The horrors of nightingale in WWII give back an unexpected gift of finding her personal identity. She didn't win or lose, and I don't speak in the sense of a game of tag. It's not either or. Loss of a loved one, but gain of self worth and recognition. This book about the search to be apart of something bigger than who we are, or succumbing to the danger and pain of being anything other than invisible. In war every minute is full of choices that lead these characters to who they want to be in a world that doesn't give them the leisure of time, trial, and error. Does it matter if your body lives, if your sole dies? Or is it better to die, and let your sole live?

  • Katherine Janes

    A great book. Couldn't stop listening. The narration was perfect. So well written. I highly recommend reading.

  • Stacey Slatten

    A story of love and war to remember! Very well written and exceptional narration.

  • Cindy Smith

    Amazing story! So very well written and the narration was impeccable. I couldn't stop listening. I was brought to tears in several parts of this story. So many emotions felt, which shows how talented both the author and narrator are, it was such a life touching story.

  • Edythe Westbrook

    Just do it! A great listen, well written story. Was a bit lost when it was over.

  • Nicole Perras

    This book was awesome. I really liked it. Narrator was fantastic.

  • Shay Frederickson

    An amazing story of strength and sacrifice. I was sad when it ended. The narration is very well done. I've realized after listening to so many books that if the narration is bad, it is very difficult to listen to. I highly recommend it!

  • Patricia Jacobsen

    Just like many other reviews I enjoyed this story. It's the kind of story that you never forget and stays with you. It teaches you a new appreciation for the life and love of those who gave so much in the war for the life of others.

  • Jane Whitney

    Loved this book. Sad when it ended. I highly recommend it. Very well written and narrated.

  • brooke bailey

    My new favorite book! I enjoyed every moment of this book!

  • Heily McGowan

    Absolutely incredible!! I love the different accents as well. Applause to the narrator!!

  • Oksana Skidanova

    A wonderful book! This is definitely one of my favorites now. It has a gripping plot, a vivid story, grief, love, heroism, and physical and mental endurance. Every pattern makes this book so interesting and memorable. I loved it!

  • Karen Gonzalez

    I loved everything about it, the plot, the characters, the narrator! Paris, the war, all of it!

  • Emad Saleh

    Love the book and the way it's read in every way possible!

  • patty iorg

    I have read this book. I loved it so much. On a long road trip with my hubby I downloaded the book. He normally likes 'shoot um up' mystery books which I'll listen to. Surprisingly he loved it! He thought it was a little slow at first, but by the end he was so into it.

  • Kristin Olafsen

    I love,love this book!!!! IT is actually one of the best books I have ever read, and the audiobook version was just as good!!

  • Chauntall Jones

    My new favorite book! I was reluctant on reading this as it was back-to-back WWII books on my book club list, However I'm so glad I did! The relationship between sisters was heartfelt and difficult, realistic and sad, loving and respectful. The story brings you back to wartime then springs you forward to current time. This will be a book I will listen to again and give as a gift. The narrator did a splendid job also with voice variations.

  • Glenda Smith

    I loved this book!! It kept my interest from the beginning to the end....not boring at all. Highly recommend!!

  • Dana Farnan

    Riveting story to listen to. Well told historical fiction with a narrator that draws you in. Kept me fascinated during a recent drive from Boston to Florida and filled up my entire trip finishing upon arrival. Highly recommend for a long trip.

  • Biffy Jesse

    I can not think of the last time I loved a book this much. It was heart wrenching at times, but it was so because I fell in love with the characters and empathized with them and rooted for them and hurt for them. Incredible.

  • Julie Feinbaum

    Excellent book ! I couldn't stop listening! Narrator was outstanding!

  • Kimberly Roen

    Heartwarming while sad, those tortuous years of life altering history among human life in that part of the world. Could never fathom what it'd be like to live in such a perilous time. Great read/audio book!

  • Nan Rhodes

    Book drags a little on the middle but ends very well, very touching and heartfelt

  • Jackie Vance

    Excellent listen! Highly recommend. Folks who enjoyed this might listen to 'The Twins' which is along a similar vein.

  • Heather Nigbor

    This is my new favorite book of all time. It is inspirational and completely captivating. The narrator was amazing!

  • Hannah Wright

    Great reader, amazing story!! Definitely need tissues for this one!...

  • tanya lessenberry

    This book started off slow but then became one you couldn't stop listening too. The details about WWII and what the characters went through was enlightening. A very emotional story. The narrator is beautiful to listen too.

  • Andaika Jeannoel

    Beautiful story if you are looking for heart wrenching raw and human view of wwII that's the book to listen too

  • Marsha Scanlan

    Loved this book as riveting as it was sad. Proves heroism doesnt always manifest where expected

  • Beverly linstra

    I cried....I felt more emotionally than I have in years...proud to be American and "love the French SPIRIT"...

  • Roxann Gund

    Incredible story and beautifully written. A must read for all.

  • Mike Green

    Such an incredible book! This was my first by this author and I was not disappointed. It brought me to tears several times. The narration was also perfect.

  • Che Tibbets

    Wonderful story, horrific time, absolutely amazing and inspiring people! I can't even imagine living through this as a wife and mother. Beautifully read as well!

  • Karen Larson

    Captivating book with an interesting plot line and we'll developed characters. A must read!

  • Allison ONeil

    You MUST TRY THIS BOOK! Amazing!! Probably my favorite by her!

  • Natalie Murdoch

    Loved this book! The story was compelling and the characters were amazing. I read a lot, I would say one of my all time favourite books! I was in tears at the end! I didn't want it to end!

  • Lori Holmes

    I really loved this book! It was amazing. It is probably one of the best that I have ever read.

  • Scott Sutton

    I loved this book. I was hoping for a slightly different ending, but it didn't disappoint.

  • lisa glines

    This was one of the best books I have ever read it brought me to tears near the end.

  • Liza

    This book demands some comparison to All the Light We Cannot See, because it is a novel about WWII and about France. And when comparing the two, Anthony Doerr is just a more talented writer. So if emotions, laughter and crying is a good measurement for a good book, I'll go with the light. With that said, this book is beautiful and interesting and I highly recommend reading it. The book is about women in wartime Nazi occupation of France. Women who are forced to house Nazi soldiers in their houses, women who inevitably betrayed their friends, women that needed to make hard choices if to risk their lives to help and save others. It's also a story about relationships, between two very different sisters, between daughter and father, between men and women in impossible situations. And a story about bravery, some of it rebellious and some of it quiet. It wasn't a perfect book, it has too many heroes and not a perfect writing. But it is definitely extraordinary work and worth 4.5 stars.

  • Tina Keshava

    This book lingers with you long after it ends. Although not a light read, I have recommended it to anyone who will listen since I finished it. Kristin Hannah did a wonderful job painting a picture with her words of life for French citizens during WWII.

  • Mary Green

    I love historical fiction. Very well written, this book was my favorite read of 2015.

  • Donna O\'Neil

    Wow!! Just wow!! Brilliantly written and narrated. Made the driving miles fly by. Never has a WWII fiction brought me as close to what living in occupied France was like

  • Kelly Schalla

    Beautifully written. I listened at every spare moment: in the car, going to bed, getting ready for work, preparing dinner... Both the story and the narration were mesmerizing.

  • Bernice Bazely

    amazing story with a history lesson included. i fell in love with the characters and felt their pain and suffering. would recommend this book with the warning "get some kleenex ready"

  • Jennifer Estevez

    Amazingly written book and the narrator is so versatile. I was so deeply enthralled by this book and it was fascinating to hear about the holocaust from the French point of view. I was educated about how much they also suffered and also how they resisted the Nazi. I felt like I knew the characters personally and laughed and cried right along with them. I absolutely loved this book! A must-read or listen!

  • martine cosby

    This book is just awesome I loved it. I found myself going through so many emotions and at the end of the book I simply exhaled.

  • Tamara Malan

    a great read, great story lines, very well written, It was very well narrated, factual and entertaining. It kept me listening. It was recommended to me by someone that is a constant reader and I would recommend it to you.

  • Kelly Swanberg

    I was absolutely absorbed while I listened to this beautiful and humbling book. The narrator is impeccably articulate, and author handles jumps from person to person as well as various times and places with ease. Felt like I lost good friends by the time it was over, and to me that is a mark of a fantastic book.

  • Brenda Richmond

    This is a great book, and educational. Narration is very good for easy listening.

  • Sherry Behrends

    I enjoyed it. I like to sew while I'm "reading" and this kept me so interested I stopped sewing so I would not miss a thing.

  • janice Rushton

    I enjoyed reading about the different perspectives of various French characters during WWII in Paris -- wife of a French soldier away fighting and her sister who fights as a resistance fighter against the Nazis. Learning what it was like for the resistance fighters (male and female) and for the French women and children left at home while the men were off fighting and hearing about the Nazis' capture of Paris and then all of France and learning about the role French women played in the war. Lots of history and interesting female characters. I recognized the narrator as someone who'd narrated another book I read recently and would have preferred another narrator as her voices for different characters was similar to voices I'd heard her use for the other book and that was disappointing.

  • Mary Duke

    I highly recommend this book. I loved it so much I listened to it twice. First with the library copy, then when there were to many holds on it to get it again I had to get it on audiobooks.

  • Samantha Brown

    Very good book. Good narrator, kept my attention the whole time. Great listen.

  • Alexandrina Shrove

    I just finished this book, and wow. What a truly superb work of literature. A gripping emotional saga that keeps you enthralled until the very last minute. This book is a vivid portrait of a heartbreaking and destructive stain on the past century. The narrator captured the story beautifully in her chameleon voices and accents. Would HIGHLY recommend

  • Brenda Gauthey

    Fantastic read. Loved the characters and really felt the turmoil and tragedy of war torn France. Great read to bring that historical time to life!

  • Saba Ahmed

    Amazing book depicting a horrific historical time period. Beautifully written, engaging to all emotions; I enjoyed this author and this book thoroughly. Saba Ahmed

  • Sonny islam

    Loved the book. Beautifully written. Kinda reminded me of "all the light we cannot see" . Probably because of the time period. Look forward to more of her writing.

  • Holly Kihlgren

    Great as an audiobook. I found myself sitting in the car after I arrived to my destination just to keep listening.

  • Teri Chambers

    This book moved me to feel things I have never felt before while learning about the Wars of the World. It renewed my hate for war as the hate and evil of war were so clearly depicted in the devastation of the lives of the characters of this book. Loved the book.

  • Rachel wolff

    Amazing! I listened to this book every chance I got and was disappointed when it ended. I could have listed to the narrator for many more hours. Thank you for an incredible journey into the lives of Isabelle and Vianne.

  • Terry Sandusky

    Have to wipe my eyes to continue the review. What an incredible book. It's hard to put into words how this book leaves you as you say goodbye to the experience. I highly recommend this read the narrator beautifully fits this story. Congratulations to the author for an extraordinary story.

  • Shannon Celli

    Poignant story with excellent character development!

  • Star Pepper

    Awesome book! Tough to bear at times, heart wrenching, facinating, highly recommend.

  • Linda Kay Immoos

    Someday you will be faced with the reality of loss. And as life goes on, days rolling into nights, it will become clear that you never really stop missing someone special who’s gone, you just learn to live around the gaping hole of their absence. Enjoyed this book very much. The narrator deserves a mention also she was the perfect voice for this novel.

  • Laura Bendesky

    Excellent character development and fabulous Hannah novel. Looking forward to her next one!

  • Elizabeth Bowles

    This was a great story to hear. I got goosebumps just telling my friend about it this morning. This book really made me feel so much fear, sadness, and wonder, I love a book that really captures my emotions. The reader had wonderful accents and really captivated the characters.

  • Cleo Alfama

    I'm so sad that I finished this book!!! This book did more than tell me a story but made me appreciate what I have especially as a mother. This book must be read by everyone male or female. I enjoy ww11 stories. This one by far has shown a different side to things then. How woman had to deal. The author's detail on food and Mother Nature are so vivid. This story will have one on the edge of their seat crying mad and laughing throughout. The narrators voice was exquisite!! Job well done! Both the author and narrator had me for sure!!! It's truly bittersweet that I'm now finished with this book!!!!

  • Laura Kenney

    Takes you right back in history to WW II France and straight into the day to day reality of war and the danger and intensity of the French Resistance.

  • April Ellis

    Fantastic book! I couldn't stop listening! This was a 'page turner" of a book. I laughed, I cried, I talked about it with others. Loved it!

  • Beverly Stoner

    I loved the book . The length was perfect. It's wonderful to be read to, and this novel was interesting. Learned more about WWII.

  • Caroline Ryan

    Loved the book. Incredible story and compelling characters. Highly recommended.

  • Babara Perlman

    Very well written book. Hard to hear about the suffering that everyone went through during that time and how they tried to survive. Even though we knew what was happening ,it's important that we remember hoping it never happens again.

  • Christine Caridi

    One of the best audiobooks I've listened to in the past few years. The characters came to life in the narration. The story had me enthralled. I highly recommend it!

  • Lindsay Castiglione

    I loved this book! It was captivating from beginning today end, and very relatable for me as a stay at home mom.

  • Lori Akers

    I really enjoyed this novel. Such a compelling story of courage and love. The narration was very well done. I will recommend this book to friends.

  • Bonnie Harris

    Simply cannot get into this book. Writing is too simplistic.

  • Lindsay Martin

    Tragic and beautiful, moving and breathtaking. Brought me to tears multiple times. Loved the narrator, too.

  • Minda Gold

    I was hesitant to read another book on WWII but this book was definitely worth it! Wonderfully written story with integration of suspense, strength and personal commitment. Very descriptive and beautifully written. The narrator was perfect and kept my interest.

  • Gina McHugh

    Fantastic story! Listened every spare moment I had. The narration was excellent. I can still hear her beautiful accent. I especially loved the ending. Beautifully written.

  • Amy Aro

    Really great story, sucks you in and keeps you entertained. The author overuses the phrase "they looked as she felt" a bit much, and I found a lot of the writing a little bit sloppy at times. The story is so good it's easy to overlook though. The narrator does a great job with all of the different voices and accents. The only part I found a little annoying was her voice for children, but again, easy to look past.

  • Pamela Nieroth

    I read a lot of WWII fiction, and this book definitely told stories from a different point of view - not the battles on the front but the battles of those behind the scenes, both trying to survive and trying to resist. The first part dragged, a lot of set up. Once it got going, though, I found myself totally absorbed. The narrator's French accent was excellent and authentic.

  • Anonymous

    Narrator's attempt to voice characters ruined this story.

  • Brenda Chrusciel

    A great read!! Very captivating and a bit hard to listen to at some points. Scary to think people actually went thru that but all in all a wonderful story. Hope they don't ruin it by making into a movie.

  • Celeste Stalberger

    I loved this book! Very different for Kristen Hannah. I have not read many books about WW II. I will defiantly be looking for more titles about these personal type stories from a difficult era.

  • Calvin Flowers

    Wonderful! I did not want to put it down! Emotional and engaging.

  • Roz gentry

    Wonderful historical novel. I enjoyed the narrator and did not want the book to end. Such strong women.

  • Nelly Navarro-Britt

    This is one of the best books I've ever read. I put it on the top of my list of books all women should read, along with A Thousand Splendid Suns. The story line is exciting. I couldn't put it down. The narrator was excellent. Can't wait for the movie.

  • Hui Shi

    "In love we find out who we want to be. In war we find out who we are." Such a wonderful book and such a sweet narration.

  • Nichola Nelson

    I enjoyed every single page of this book. This is a must read so hard to put down.

  • Melanie Sanders

    Excellent. Had me teary eyed and angry and hopeful all in one breath. An absolute pleasure to listen to and I will be buying the physical copy. I strongly suggest this reading this book to get a great look at how women were pivotal to the Resistance.

  • Mary Adams

    BEST narration ever in an audiobook. . Best book in a long long, long long, long long, long long, long long, long long, long long, long long, long long, long long, long long, long longlong long, long long, long long, long long, long long, long long, long long, long long, long long, long long, long long, long long, long long, long long, long long, long long, long long, long long, long long, long long, long long, long long, long long, long long long long, long long, long long, long long, long long, long long, long long, long long, long long, long long, long long, long long time!!

  • Joanne Dahlke

    Gripping, passionate and memorable! I enjoyed this French view of WWII. I recommend this book to every reader out there. Author gave a vivid description and an emotional journey that kept you intrigued through the entire story. Nice work! I really liked the narrator but felt the accent was a tad unnecessary at times.

  • Berva Lorraine Hume

    Wonderful book! Excellent narration, and so believable. The characters are compelling and the story is so real, it hurts. I was sorry it ended. I will save it to listen again later on.

  • Janie Mosca

    It was an intriguing story; however, I wouldn't recommend this book to someone who is looking for an uplifting, relaxing, and enjoyable story. This is set in one of the most disturbing episodes in mankind's history and is heart wrenching--one gets a glimpse into how cruel humankind can be to others,and also what sacrifices others are willing to make to help another living soul. I was weary by the book's end and ready for the story to be over. One certainly gets a feel for how the Europeans who lived through those long years of WWII must have felt. I did, however, think it was well written and the narrator's French accent made me believe I was there in France with the two heroines.

  • Michelle Johnson

    A wonderful , all encompassing book! Hard to stop reading . One of the best books I've ever listened to if not the best! The narrator is fabulous ! Please get !!! You will be transported into another world !

  • April Ryan

    Amazing book and wonderful narration. I looked at this one for months before downloading. I'm so glad that I finally got it! You will not regret a minute of this one.

  • aubrey fisher

    very well read. love the book. great story! was just a little slow at first but got a lot better.

  • Anne Schulte

    Story was good. Very descriptive. But why, oh why does the narrator insist on speaking for her characters in a French accent?? Oui, ils sont français but they're not Frenchies speaking in English! They're speaking French to each other so they wouldn't have an accent. It would have made more sense for them to have French accents when they did speak in another language which was the case for Isabel in some cases and it would've made it a more tolerable listen. Otherwise, it was entertaining.

  • Felicia Gannacone

    Beautiful story! The picture this book painted of WW2 will suck you in and make you want to listen every chance you get!

  • Deidre Dyer

    Wonderful story that started a little slow but quickly sucked you in. Loved listening to it any chance I could get.

  • Kathi webb

    I am in awe of the pictures painted in my mind of the horrors of WW2. Kristin Hannah's words speak to my heart. I can see, hear, smell and feel the horror of the characters in this book! The story it self is amazing and the way it was written is heartbreakingly real. I loved Kristin's book the Winter Garden , but I have to say this is on the top now. Thank you thank you thank you.. The narrator also brought such life to the book. I am 61 years old and this is the first review I have ever written. Yes 5 stars......

  • Sonia Winney

    Beautiful story that had me listening every chance I had (and sometimes sitting in the car in my driveway to get a few more minutes in). A bit slow at first, but glad I stuck with it as it got very interesting and never lost steam.

  • Ronii Rizzo

    I listened to this book every moment I had. The characters became part of my life, and I was just so sad it had to end. This book was so beautifully written.

  • Katie Slaven

    Beautiful story with incredible characters that feel so real to me. The narrator did an excellent job. I did not want this one to end.

  • Dove Thiess

    Amazing story! Keeps you wanting more. Fantastic narrator.

  • Terrie Higley

    This was a fabulous book -- well written and wonderfully narrated. One of those books that you wish wouldn't end...

  • Michele Ruiz

    It's a long one but it grabs you and keeps you interested.

  • James Higbee

    A beautiful novel that brings home the Nazi atrocities suffered by all of Europe. It was slightly annoying when one of the characters supposedly sees a hummingbird in France, the tiniest bit of research would have avoided that error (hummingbirds only exist in the Americas). Overall a really enjoyable book.

  • Abby Bass

    Fantastic book. Very good historically too. Wood recommend this book to everyone.

  • Shannon Lindsey

    This starts just a little slow but I'm so glad I finished it; what a great story!

  • debbie scott

    Such detail so much I never knew about the war. I enjoyed this read.

  • Leah Shinh

    Excellent book! Loved the unexpected twist near the end. Highly recommended.

  • Marnee Lieberman

    What a.lovely story about love and loss and forgiveness. Powerful and absolutely wonderful. I am listening a second time!

  • Vicki Mueller

    Excellent! It is one of the best books I have listen to in a long while.

  • Lindsey Millspaugh

    Great, great book! Written with so much detail that I felt like I knew the characters personally. Could've easily been a true account of real life events. Honestly sad that it had to end!

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