On the Way to the Wedding

Written by:
Julia Quinn
Narrated by:
Rosalyn Landor

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2020
13 hours 0 minutes
Bestselling author Julia Quinn’s popular and critically acclaimed Bridgerton novels have won a loyal following.
This tale closes the Regency-era saga with the story of Gregory, the last unmarried Bridgerton.

Gregory has been patiently waiting for his turn at love, and when he sees beautiful Hermione Watson, he is sure he
has found his soul mate. But then her friend Lucy, who is happily engaged herself, informs Gregory that Hermione’s
heart belongs to another. Lucy attempts to bring Hermione and Gregory together in wedded bliss—but in the process,
she falls for him. Yet Lucy simply cannot break off her own engagement—and Gregory must decide what to do on
the way to her wedding.
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great way to end the series

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Leslie B.

It took a while to get ‘into’ this book compared To other Bridgerton novels. It was a sweet book, just slow.

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Nancy S.

Loved this series’s

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Not the best in the series for sure....painfully slow drawn out narratives.

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Way too sappy... like a lovesick puppy and not like the solid Bridgerton family personalities. Used the word LOVE way too much! It was a letdown for the last book in this wonderful series. Narrator did a great job as always considering the content she was given.

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Amanda H.

Great Series, and books. The Narration makes you think you are watching the books play out in front of you...

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Shanda S.

This being the last book in the series, I was hoping for a little bit more, particularly that more of the Bridgerton siblings might make an appearance, but it was still very enjoyable.

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It’s not the right book. It’s the last book it’s in his kiss. Bit it not nice now I’ve wasted money on a book that’s not the right one.

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