Red Dragon

Written by:
Thomas Harris
Narrated by:
Alan Sklar

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2012
11 hours 48 minutes
A quiet summer night...a neat suburban house...and another innocent, happy family is shattered -- the latest victims of a grisly series of hideous sacrificial killings that no one understands, and no one can stop. Nobody lives to tell of the unimaginable carnage. Only the blood-stained walls bear witness.

All hope rests on Special Agent Will Graham, who must peer inside the killer's tortured soul to understand his rage, to anticipate and prevent his next vicious crime. Desperate for help, Graham finds himself locked in a deadly alliance with the brilliant Dr. Hannibal Lecter, the infamous mass murderer who Graham put in prison years ago. As the imprisoned Lecter tightens the reins of revenge, Graham's feverish pursuit of the Red Dragon draws him inside the warped mind of a psychopath, into an unforgettable world of demonic ritual and violence, beyond the limits of human terror.
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Niles G.

Amazing the twist towards the end kept me hooked

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Book was great. Always wanted to compare with all the content that has come out of it. The narrator threw it off a bit for me. Over all a great listen.

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Alan E.

absolutely one of my favorite books. favorite series.

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Loved all of the detail and the twists and turns that were taken in this book. Really easy to follow alone and loved the narrative.

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Ann Hynna

nothing like an egregiously evîl anti hero to keep u turning pages

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