Wow, No Thank You.: Essays (Lambda Literary Award)

Written by:
Samantha Irby
Narrated by:
Samantha Irby

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2020
10 hours 4 minutes
A new rip-roaring essay collection from the smart, edgy, hilarious, unabashedly raunchy, and bestselling Samantha Irby.

Irby is forty, and increasingly uncomfortable in her own skin despite what Inspirational Instagram Infographics have promised her. She has left her job as a receptionist at a veterinary clinic, has published successful books and has been friendzoned by Hollywood, left Chicago, and moved into a house with a garden that requires repairs and know-how with her wife in a Blue town in the middle of a Red state where she now hosts book clubs and makes mason jar salads. This is the bourgeois life of a Hallmark Channel dream. She goes on bad dates with new friends, spends weeks in Los Angeles taking meetings with 'tv executives slash amateur astrologers' while being a 'cheese fry-eating slightly damp Midwest person,' 'with neck pain and no cartilage in [her] knees,' who still hides past due bills under her pillow.
     The essays in this collection draw on the raw, hilarious particulars of Irby's new life. Wow, No Thank You is Irby at her most unflinching, riotous, and relatable.
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So damn funny....

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Katarzyna R.

Very interesting point of vision.I really enjoyed this book and would recommend to listen.Without filters,Samantha is describing all of us.Many people can find a little true about themself.5 stars

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Noli M.

Sometimes sassy, often hilarious, and constantly relatable! Samantha’s natural lull in tone delivers the humour well but could be a bit monotonous long term, depending who you ask.

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Christine H.

In fairness, I didn’t finish the book, and did find a couple of very small parts that I identified with, and that were mildly funny. It may have gotten better but, three hours in, I just can’t listen anymore. I think this book may be hysterical for people who are very similar in life experience and attitude to the author. However, for the rest of us, it may result in thinking, “Why do I care what this woman thinks or how she goes about her daily doings?” No major life lessons that I found so far...more like a woman having an endlessly long conversation with a friend, that I don’t feel a part of.

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Summer S.

So bad I actually scream at myself for trying so hard to get through it. Waste of time and money

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