Our pricing information

Audiobooks.com members receive their new credit(s) every month on their billing date. Members on 1 credit per month plans will be billed $14.95 (plus applicable taxes) per month. A credit can be used to redeem any (one) audiobook.

New to the service?

Start by signing up for our 30 day Free Trial, and get your first premium audiobook free PLUS 2 bonus VIP Rewards audiobooks. You can cancel anytime, no questions asked. Once your Free Trial has expired, a monthly subscription fee of $14.95 (plus applicable taxes) will be automatically charged using the billing information on your account, so you can continue to enjoy great audiobooks, VIP Rewards, and exclusive Member Deals every single month.

Ways to enjoy even more listening every month

If you simply can’t get enough of our awesome audiobooks and are looking for ways to enjoy even more audiobooks every month, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We have three options for you:

  • 1. Purchase a single (or multiple) top-up credit(s) quickly and easily by logging in to your account on the Audiobooks.com website and clicking the Get More button beside your credit balance.
  • 2. Use the InstaCredit feature to purchase an extra credit and instantly apply it to an audiobook you have selected in one quick and easy transaction, and without leaving the app!. The InstaCredit feature becomes available in-app when you have no remaining credits in your account. To use InstaCredits, make sure the feature is enabled in the Audiobooks.com app Settings menu. Then, choose the audiobook you want and follow the prompts. A credit will instantly be purchased and automatically redeemed for the audiobook you selected.
  • 3. For members who wish to enjoy more audiobooks every month, we offer 2 and/or 3 credits per month subscription plans. To access these options, simply log in to your account on the Audiobooks.com website, select My Account and then choose Change My Subscription Plan to start listening more (and saving more!) every month.

Making your credits go further

Every month we offer our members access to exclusive Member Deals, where you can get two audiobooks for just one credit! That’s two premium listens for only $14.95 (plus applicable taxes). Visit www.audiobooks.com/deals to browse these exclusive Member Deals on our website or go to the Member Deals tab in the app.