Slow and Steady Wins the Earl

By Anna Markland


He's a stickler for rules; she's never been good at following them.

Patsy Crompton, the Earl of Farnworth's beloved stepdaughter, is now a young lady headed for her first London season. It will be a different life from the one she's used to in the north of England. She's looking forward to the experiences that are a rite of passage for debutantes. But she's in no hurry to find a husband-until she waltzes with Nicolai Morgan-Lloyd, Earl of Ainsworth.

Nicolai has inherited his Russian mother's coloring but none of her flamboyant personality. In fact, he's known as a stickler for rules. If there's one thing Patsy has never been good at, it's following rules. He's an expert on fine art. She's a thoroughbred horseracing aficionado.

Their unlikely friendship lands them in the clutches of a gang intent on stealing a priceless Russian artefact that once belonged to Catherine the Great.

Contains mature themes.

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Slow and Steady Wins the Earl

By Anna Markland

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Slow and Steady Wins the Earl, Anna Markland