Telecare: How To Provide Exceptional Customer Service Over the Phone

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2019
3 hours 50 minutes
Every time the phone rings, your business is on the line. When customers call, how do your people come across? Are they friendly? Empathetic? In control? Willing to help-even if it means going out of their way? This informational course will give you tips and techniques to give your customers exceptional telephone customer service.

Studies show that satisfied customers will boast about their positive experiences to four or five other people. But dissatisfied callers typically will let up to a dozen others know about their negative experiences. Telecare, a telephone customer service training, gives you numerous skills, strategies, and techniques your customer service people can use to increase loyalty, make sales, and soothe tempers.

Program highlights include ways to prevent many of the needless complications that can make your job unpleasant and overwhelming; tools and techniques to use when you are confronted with special challenges, including language barriers and cultural differences; how to get inside the minds of difficult callers; strategies that encourage customers to stay on the line and pay serious attention to your offer; the single most important way to make a lasting, positive impression on a caller; and techniques that help you relate to the customer by adjusting your role as a customer service provider.
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