Mark Brake

Mark Brake developed the world's first science and science fiction degree in 1999 and the world's first astrobiology degree in 2005. He's communicated science through film, television, print, and radio on five continents, including for NASA, Seattle's Science Fiction Museum, the BBC, the Royal Institution, and Sky Cinema.

The Science of James Bond: The Super-Villains, Tech, and Spy-Craft Behind the Film and Fiction
By Mark Brake
Duration: 5 h 37 min Price: $19.99 Or 1 credit
The Science of Jurassic World: The Dinosaur Facts Behind the Films
By Jon Chase
Duration: 7 h 35 min Price: $19.99 Or 1 credit
The Science of Science Fiction: The Influence of Film and Fiction on the Science and Culture of Our Times
By Mark Brake
Duration: 8 h 7 min Price: $19.99 Or 1 credit
The Science of The Big Bang Theory: What America's Favorite Sitcom Can Teach You about Physics, Flags, and the Idiosyncrasies of Scientists
By Mark Brake
Duration: 7 h 0 min Price: $19.99 Or 1 credit