John Cornwell

John Cornwell is the author of the international bestseller Hitler’s Pope, as well as an award-winning journalist with a lifelong interest in Vatican affairs. He has reported on the pope for Vanity Fair and The Sunday Times (London), and has written on the Catholic Church for Commonweal and the international Catholic weekly The Tablet. He attended Roman Catholic seminaries in England for seven years, followed by studies in literature and philosophy at Oxford and Cambridge universities. In 1990 he was elected a Fellow of Jesus College, Cambridge, where he now directs the Science and Human Dimension Project.

Hitler's Scientists: Science, War and the Devil's Pact
By John Cornwell
Duration: 6 h 21 min Price: $29.95 Or 1 credit
The Pontiff in Winter: Triumph and Conflict in the Reign of John Paul II
By John Cornwell
Duration: 11 h 48 min Price: $20.00 Or 1 credit
Church, Interrupted: Havoc & Hope: The Tender Revolt of Pope Francis
By John Cornwell
Duration: 8 h 40 min Price: $24.99 Or 1 credit