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We’ve partnered with our friends at Sonos to make listening to audiobooks in your home a truly incredible experience.

  • Connect to your home Sonos system to enjoy audiobooks while you cook, clean and work out
  • Choose from more than 100,000 titles premium and 7,000 free titles
  • Listen to your first premium audiobook on us, then get seamlessly auto-enrolled in our $14.95 monthly subscription
  • Access our exclusive Member Deals section for 2-for-1 promotions that make your credits go further than ever

Follow these steps to connect your account to your Sonos unit.

  1. Make sure your device and your Sonos system are on the same WiFi network.
  2. Open the Sonos app from your iOS or Android device
  3. Select ‘Add Music Services’
  4. Scroll down to the icon
  5. Login to your account