The Laguna Shores Research Club

By Laura Kelly Robb


Asking too many questions-even the right ones-can get a person in trouble.

Laila Harrow knows the best way to track down anything-or anybody-ask Billie Farmer. As the brains of the Laguna Shores Research Club, Billie teaches fellow members how to reach into the ether and pluck out facts. Counting on Billie's guidance, Laila promises the St. Augustine Museum a catalogue of Florida Highwaymen paintings that will catapult her standing in the art world. But when Billie dies suddenly, Laila is forced to pull herself out of the darkness to think like Billie and follow the facts.

Fact: Billie's good health makes the diagnosis of a heart attack unlikely.

Fact: Her actions the night of her death hint at a looming threat.

Fact: Her condo has been turned upside down, her computer and phone missing.

With support from her friends and family, Laila vows to get to the bottom of Billie's death. Then one last piece of information comes to light.

Fact: Laila is at the center of a dangerous game.

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The Laguna Shores Research Club

By Laura Kelly Robb

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The Laguna Shores Research Club, Laura Kelly Robb