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Book Rating (296)

Narrator Rating (38)


Unabridged Audiobook

Written By:

Narrated By: Davina Porter

Publisher: Recorded Books

Date: September 1997

Duration: 32 hours 49 minutes


Outlander, Diana Gabaldon's landmark novel of Scottish lore has captured the hearts of millions of readers around the world and catapulted her to the top of the New York Times best-seller list. Intrigue, danger and desire merge in this lush novel of loyalty and time travel. In 1945, Claire Randall, a former combat nurse, is back from the war and reunited with her husband on a second honeymoon. Their blissful reunion is shattered when she touches a boulder in one of the ancient stone ruins and is instantly transported to a Scotland torn by war and raiding border clans … in 1743. Will Claire find her way back to her own time, or is her destiny forever linked with Clan MacKenzie and the gallant James Fraser? Davina Porter's lyrical narration will launch listeners into an exhilarating world of heroism, pulse-pounding adventure, and breathtaking romance as one woman is torn between past and present, passion and love.


  • koelke

    I first heard about this book from my sister, who had heard about it from her husbands cousin way up in northern Canada. I was very skeptical when she told me this was the best book she had ever read. She explained a little bit about the book to me, and I thought to myself.... no way am I going to be able to get through this book. It just didn't seem like a book I'd read. Boy was I wrong. Its full of adventure, romance, sadness, everything you would ever want out of a book. Now I'm on my 4th time reading the series while I wait for book 8 to come out.

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  • Anonymous

    Fantastic story, both interesting from a historical perspective and great character development. I really felt I got to know the characters, and "miss" them now. Very realistic, and interesting relationship dynamics. A bit too much into the bedroom details now and then, these parts got fast forwarded without missing too much. Narrator was fantastic, very good accents, and many different voices for all the characters. Both my husband and I enjoyed picked this as our favorite audio book series so far.

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  • Anonymous

    it was a very delicate way of telling someones tribulation and triumph in rebellion the narrator could do a little better she start a little weak but then it got better I love this book

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  • Amy

    I love, love, love historical fiction and this took it to a whole new level. Started out a bit slow, but when Claire "landed" in Scotland, I was hooked. With the accents and pronunciations of places/names, I'm SO glad I listened to this book! The narrator did an excellent job. Turned out to be a bit more graphic and gory than I expected, but well worth it!

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  • Tracy Greene

    Wonderful book. The narrator is magical. I can\'t wait for the next book.

  • Holly Barnes

    There is lots to love here! Claire's struggles both internal and external ring very true to life as you are swept along on her adventures. Incredible descriptions of time, setting and characters will suck you in and plant you so firmly into her world that you will not want to come back to your own.

  • holly durhan

    Oh I can\'t believe how much I loved this book! I had downloaded it to my phone to listen to while traveling cross country. i\'d never heard of the book but was drawn in by the excellent review- and that it was 32 hours long. Figured that would keep me busy for my long trip. During my travels my phone went in the water and died completely- a small tragedy, but nothing compared to the despair i felt about not being able to continue listening! Forget retrieving important info saved in my phone- no my first order of business was to re-download this book! When I wasn\'t listening I was thinking about the characters and \"missing\" them. Truly drew me in. I was madly in love with Jamie and wishing him for myself long before Claire acquiesced. Which-along those lines- did not like AT ALL the graphic description of Jamie\'s experience at the hands of his captor, but it was sufficiently resolved IMO and didn\'t effect my overall rating of the book.

  • Amy Gross

    Fabulous tale melding history, science fiction, romance, and suspense. Though very well written, it's narrator Davina Porter's performance and interpretation of Scots, English, and French accents that makes this audiobook a must-read. I blew through some 38 hours in just 10 days, and I'm eager to dive into the second book in the series, A Dragonfly in Amber.

  • Suzanne Romero

    What a beautifully written book. I felt as if I were wondering the grassy fields and rocky landscape of Scotland right along with Claire. I could almost feel the rain, breezes and the warmth of the sunshine. Even the smells of all the flora and fauna were incredibly vivid. How rare is that in a story? I found myself heartbroken every time Claire thought about pursuing her return to 1945; yet elated by so many other pleasantries and excursions within the tale. What an incredible escape from the pressures of today.

  • Robin Kent

    I have loved the Outlander series for two decades, but have never listened to them. Wow! Davina Porter is amazing!!!!!!